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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sorry, Tysons: Incontrovertible Proof That Reston Is Really 'Fairfax County's Downtown'

tysons cityscape.jpgEven as awesome new car lot/suburban office park Tysons Corner prepares to morph into a vibrant urban core anchored by a Wal-Mart and a short subway tunnel, almost like a real city, plus we dunno, a giant 30 story tall statue of Crystal Koons or something, there's now incontrovertible evidence that the real "action" -- if by "action" you mean cholesterol-soaked expense account meals funded by employers busy strapping bombs to dolphins providing services -- is already moving to Reston.

The Tysons Corner Morton’s The Steakhouse — serving Northern Virginians for 20 years — ended its run last week when new owner, Fertitta Morton’s Restaurants, shut it down after taking over Feb. 1. The restaurant had been located in Fairfax Square, Tysons’ version of Rodeo Drive, where Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and other high enders have been ensconced.
Meanwhile, the Morton's in Reston remains open. In your face, Tysons!

Also, when was the last time a Tysons business got sued by an entire freaking state? Seems unlikely, unless even as we speak some ambitious state attorney general somewhere is planning to launch an investigation into the Olive Garden's bottomless salad bowls or something. In the meantime, awesome badassery of that magnitude can only be found right here in good old Reston.

With all this mindlessly boosterish gloating, it almost seems unfair to point out that there's the potential of the future Reston becoming more dense than the future Tysons -- which isn't exactly a good thing. But in reality, growth in both areas may very well wind up being below the champagne wishes and caviar dreams of the most cavalier growth projections.

But we'll still be the ones with the Mortons.


  1. Morton's. The one restaurant in RTC that I have never bothered to eat at. It seems like such a pompous sort of place.

    Give me Mon Ami Gabi any day.

  2. Concur Anon 11:38AM.

    Morton's is the classic "mine is bigger than yours."

    Bigger servings.

    Bigger tab.

    Bigger a$$es--literally & figuratively.

  3. Morton's has perfected the art of getting people to over pay for "cardiac arrest on a plate", and making them feel oh so good and special when they over indulge. Morton's, and the ilk who frequent it, are what's wrong with the world!

  4. Screw Morton's. We have not one but two full-sized Five Guys. What does Tyson's have? Only one. And they have to share space with at least 6 other places that seem to specialize in surgical leftovers from the local veterinary clinics.

  5. Soulless, Humorless, AntFebruary 10, 2012 at 11:25 PM

    Does Norfolk have a Morton's?

    NO... In your face Norfolk!

  6. ... You do know that the Mortons in Tysons is only shut down for the short term right? Also, we have 4 high rise construction projects currently constructing, and a new 30 story high rise coming with greystar/georgelas starting this month

    Oh and mortons sucks, it moved because everyone was going to Chef Geoffs, which does what Mortons only wished they could.

  7. The Mortons in Reston has progressively gone down hill through the years. Bad service, bad food, etc. We used to go there for years & have stopped. Ruth Chris is much better overall.

  8. The Morons in Reston have progressively gone down hill through the years as well.


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