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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Will The Reston of 2030 Be Denser Than Tysons and Ruled By An Army of Crystal Koons Clones? One Report Says.... Maybe

Crystal Simon.jpeg

As we think about the awesome civic canyons and whatnot that will soon rise along the Toll Road, we can always comfort ourselves by saying, "at least we're not Tysons." Or can we?

Our BFFs at Reston 2020 have put together a fancypants analysis arguing, among other things, that Reston could become more dense than Tysons by 2030, with up to 90 million gross square feet, compared to up to 82.4 million GSF in "Fairfax County's Downtown." By 2030, as many as 60,000 people could live here and 162,000 wage slaves people could work here. Sadly, the study did not say how many people could play or get involved, violating the Prime Directive of the Reston Association.

This study will require some time to digest and analyze. Oh, wait -- we're done: IN YOUR FACE, Tysons! We welcome the endless traffic and army of Crystal Koons clone overlords!

To be fair, the Reston 2020 estimate is substantially higher than earlier analyses that places like George Mason have pulled together. It also assumes the maximum allowable densities in the current plans under development by the Reston Master Plan Task Force We're Tired Of Coming Up With Wacky Acronyms For (RMPTFWTOCUWWAF) will actually all be built. But it makes an important point: "Neither the task force nor the county have studied the public infrastructure needed to accommodate this increase in Reston," unlike Tysons, where infrastructure, plus the placement of a 90-foot bronze statue of Crystal Koons, were baked into planning efforts. That's a serious problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, please to be enjoying this look at what the Reston of 2030 might look like, assuming there's still enough open space for kids to play some kind of sports, the end.

Update: Reston 2020's Terry Maynard explains in the comments that the projections his analysis is based on actually extend beyond the 2030 timeframe - so instead of Crystal Koons clones, we might be talking about Crystal Koons cyborgs.


  1. Now, wait a second, Restonian. Is there going to be 90' tall beskirted Crystal Koons smack in the center of Rt 7? If so, we're going to see a lot more auto accidents caused by male drivers inauspiciously looking up and away from the road in order to find out what's up CK's skirt.

    Hopefully they won't put the statue near a crosswalk, as well. I would hate to think of all of male office dwellers crossing the street to get lunch becoming mesmerized by Crystal's oversized whatever and then wandering aimlessly through the intersection.

  2. OK, I have to do a MEA CULPA here.

    I was told last night--after the sizzling hot Reston 2020 analysis was published--that the density numbers provided by the Town Center and Wiehle sub-committees were longer term, not aimed at 2030. Town Center said 40-50 years, Wiehle said 30-40 years. (Note: We did not generate these numbers, they did.) The Herndon-Monroe number comes from the County staff "Scenario A" and is specifically targeted at 2030.

    As stated, the "Scenario A" and GMU forecasts are targeted at 2030.

    The reason to do this, aside from simply understanding what is being proposed, is to help the Task Force understand what may be realistic for 2030. Now they have numbers & graphs side by side to understand where they are and what they need to do.

    I have corrected the narrative, but not changed the numbers in the analysis, to reflect the various time frames. Catch the updated version of the comparative analysis on Reston 2020's blog at

    If the Task Force does the right thing, there may, indeed, be room for kids to play football.

    My apologies to anyone who put their house on the market this morning to beat the rush!

  3. Shameless exploitation of children. Shame on their parents . . . unless the parents are getting a really good deal on a Toyota out of it.

  4. Restonian has put up two candidate forums for the RA Board seats that are open. Ballots have been mailed. You folks need to go look at the videos and make some decisions. And then vote.

  5. Is it me, or has the brouhaha about the elections been a lot quieter this year? Wonder if that's because Restonian's tightened up the commenting or because there's no big project like Brown's Chapel to get people riled up -- or both.

  6. Shouldn't that last poster now actually go by the new name of Crystal Koons Metallic Alter Ego?

    Dear Leader is now Botoxed Leader

  7. And another thing. Is it just me, or does Crystal look a bit like a Teutonic dominatrix in that photo? I mean, that metallic body of hers could pass for leather, and then there's that chain next to her...

    "Ja, vhips und chains! We're going to wow ya!"

    Not that I have a Crystal fetish or anything.

  8. So, Pez, you won't be building an altar at the foot of the bronze gawddess towering up into the heavens at Tyson's?


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