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Thursday, March 10, 2011

On April 3, One Park and Ride Lot Closes, Another One Opens, And Maybe Some Construction Actually Begins

Reston East to Sunset Hills Map.jpeg

This helpful map details the complex route Reston wage slaves commuters will have to navigate starting April 3, when the Reston East Park and Ride closes and the shiny new Sunset Hills Park and Ride opens. Don't forget your sextant!

Already various attractive trailer-like buildings have been deposited like so much cordwood at the Reston East Park and Ride, meaning that construction on the awesome new parking garage is about to begin. Or at least construction on the temporary construction offices that will oversee construction on the awesome new parking garages is about to begin.

Fortunately "staff ambassadors" will be available at the West Falls Church Metro station and the park and ride lots over the next couple of weeks to help confused commuters figure all this out. But don't panic if you get overwhelmed by the complexities of this sea change -- just remember that old expression your grandparents used to have embroidered and hung up in their homes: When one park and ride lot closes, another one opens, the end.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I was just coming back from Ashburn area (around 5pm) and the line of cars heading west on Frying Pan Road in between Centreville Rd and Rt. 28 was ridiculous! It is single lane there. I was very happy to be headed east bound.

    I don't know if they were trying to avoid the toll road or just get onto 28, but what a nightmare that will only get worse...


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