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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Comstock Selects Contractor for Wiehle Metro Garage, Hinting That Project Might Finally Begin At Some Point Soon

Garage.jpgComstock Partners has selected a contractor to start work on the fancy Wiehle Metro parking garage it says will "form the foundation for Reston's first transit oriented development." However, the groundbreaking is still scheduled for sometime in the "spring of 2011," meaning no one has committed to an actual date.

The Reston Station Metro Facility will be constructed substantially underground and will include a commuter park and ride facility, a transit bus depot, 2,300 commuter parking spaces, and several hundred parking spaces for the retail portion of the mixed-use development to be constructed above the Reston Station Metro Facility. The mixed-use development planned by Comstock will include office, retail, residential and hotel uses in multiple buildings surrounding a public plaza which will be connected to the Metro rail station currently under construction in the median of the Dulles Toll Road.

new comstock.jpegPlanning is underway for the buildings that will rise above the Reston Station Metro Facility, which will include office, retail, residential and hotel uses. The Reston Station Plaza, located directly above the Reston Station Metro Facility and adjacent to the Silver Line Metro Station, will form the core of the greater Reston Station area, and will include civic spaces dedicated to public activities throughout the year. Among the first buildings expected to rise above the Reston Station Metro Facility is a residential tower. Additional initial uses are expected to include restaurants, caf├ęs, upscale retail establishments, and convenience oriented retailers.
Sweet! Is the Cheesecake Factory an "upscale retail establishment" or a "convenience oriented retailer?"

No matter. In case you were wondering, James G. Davis Construction is the lucky contractor that gets to build this inspiring parking garage. No word on where they're sourcing the fanciful concrete bollards.


  1. I just have this bad feeling that the garage will be undersized, and parking in the metro will be impossible after 8:30am.

  2. And that will be different how? It takes much more money than is currently budgeted to improve. Just maintaining the status quo is difficult enough.

  3. The garage will be undersized? Of course not --- everyone will be biking to the metro station because sister Kathy said it shall be so!

    The already congested roads to get there will be "dieted" so that they will be further congested and gas will cost $5 so no one will be afford to drive (since they are paying bajillions to support their RA and cluster and condo "dues" as the glitterati like to call them.

    What's left of the dieted roads will be covered with downed pines that will be there until God decides to rot them away.

    Lovely little town you got there -- looks like some third-world reject what with the pitted roads (what's left of them) leading to the Soviet Safeway picked barren.

  4. I'm waiting for Cathy Hudgins to walk to Wiehle Metro from her home to go to work.

  5. Looks like Brutalism (B)east to me!


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