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Friday, September 24, 2010

We Get Letters: This is Not 1-800-Bollards

Screen shot 2010-05-11 at 10.06.29 AM.jpg

If this correspondence we received is any indication, we've apparently been a bit fixated on one particular architectural feature of late.
Am [name redacted] and i will like to order some Bollard.Do you carry them in stock?I want 6 feet removable bollard diameter 275 mm.Do you carry this and what is the price?Also what type and sizes of this do you carry in stock and what is the price?Please advice methods of payment as well.
Thanks for the note, [name redacted!] We'll "advice" that if you're shopping for bollards for an awesome, if somewhat shaded, transit-oriented development, best to spend a bit extra for the fanciful ones. You're welcome.

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  1. O.K. well in some situations bollards can be incredibly decorative if you want them to be. They can serve a dual purpose: safety and beautification. I recommend checking out the Sweets Network from McGraw-Hill, my employer. They have a lot of information regarding bollards for many different functions. You'll definitely find what you need there. Check it out!


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