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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wiehle Metro Development: They Still Get Letters

Screen shot 2010-02-04 at 7.33.34 AM.jpgBoth the Reston Planning & Zoning Commission and the Reston Association have sent official letters to Fairfax County officials about the Grand Canyon of the East, better known as the Comstock Wiehle Metro development.

In its letter, Reston P&Z recommends approval of the project, provided the county conducts a "shadow study," which turns out to be not as cool as it sounds.

If the shadow study results demonstrate the need for lower heights of the buildings on the south side of the plaza so as to admit more light and air, the square footage removed from the south side buildings could be transferred to the buildings on the north side of the plaza. This would call for a load factor study of the columns used to support the buildings on the north side. If it is not feasible to transfer the square footage to the north side plaza buildings, perhaps that footage could be reserved for additional expansion of building #6 or the existing Comstock Building. An appropriate design guideline for purposes of the shadow study would be one that says between the months of November and March, 60% of the plaza must receive sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours a day.
P&Z also wants workforce housing, a minimum LEED silver certification, more green space, public art, roadway improvements, and some "added architectural treatment" to the massive, partially above-ground parking garage that otherwise could become Reston's newest signature architectural landmark. (We suggest rad '80s art to complement the nearby Metro station, but that's just us.)

P&Z then says something shockingly realistic.
While P&Z has many reservations as expressed in this letter, we expect many will be satisfactorily resolved. Also, while we wish there were more time to consider more options, we do believe that the current proposal by the Comstock group, which is before us with improvements, is far better for Reston than the apparent alternative of a solitary 8 story above ground Metro garage on the site. Time presses with the ongoing construction of the Silver line and we understand that the County must provide a site plan which includes the Metro garage to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority soon.
Meanwhile, RA President Robin Smyers sent the RA's official response to the Wiehle development, supporting the project but calling for "world-class development."
The Reston community has an international reputation as being a location of world class development; therefore, it is absolutely essential that this tradition of design excellence is continued.
As previously expected, the RA also urged work to extend Soapstone across the Toll Road to alleviate traffic concerns, workforce housing, an off-ramp from the Toll Road into the aforementioned parking garage, and coordination with other developers. Here's hoping the developers listen and do the right things, or at least create a "plaza" that receives sunlight more often than this uncannily similar architectural wonder.


  1. Wow, so our own P&Z has sold out to the county. I never thought I would see the day.

    For all you thinking this metro thing is going to be great for Reston I hope you don't intend to drive anywhere in Reston during rush hour.

  2. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 16, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    Anonymous @ 10:02 AM: Tens of thousands of commuters will be moving to Reston and points west in the coming years and will be commuting to or THROUGH Reston. If we put up the "Great Wall of Reston" to prevent ANY change from occurring and preventing ANY newcomers from moving here, then this result in "leap-frog sprawl" in which all of the growth will jump right over us, and we'll see Ashburn completely built out with Loudoun Valley Estates-like garbage with everyone leaving those sterile cul-de-sacs and aiming straight towards Reston with their huge SUVs. I don't know about you, but if many of those people could drive to a park & ride at Dulles Airport (or perhaps one station that SHOULD be built to the northwest in Sterling), and then ride the rails through Reston, then all of those people will be taken off of our roads. If we oppose the Metrorail's arrival, as most in Reston seem to recommend, then I hope you'll enjoy an even more jammed Dulles Toll Road and Route 7 in coming years from all of those Loudoun County newcomers DRIVING to or through Reston. I should know. I commute via car from Reston to Tysons Corner daily. I leave at roughly 5:40 AM, and already by that time there is a seemingly never-ending (albeit fast moving) Cha-Cha line of cars bailing down Route 7 past Baron Cameron Avenue from Loudoun County towards Tysons. This jams right up about an hour later. Imagine THOUSANDS of MORE vehicles on Route 7 and the Toll Road vs. HUNDREDS of more vehicles with numerous people (myself included) opting to instead ride the rails from Reston/Herndon and points north and west to places like Tysons Corner, Arlington, or the District. I've been told numerous times before that I should take the bus to Tysons, but I can't justify the much longer commuting time. I COULD justify the only SLIGHTLY longer commute that the train would take.

    A question for all of you anti-Silver Line folks that has never been answered. Other than "widen roads" (which won't work) what are YOUR proposed solutions to accommodate the zillions of newcomers who will be moving to our west and commuting to or through our fair mauve wonderland in the coming years? I asked this a long time ago, and crickets chirped. I'm waiting. I don't know if I believe that a full-fledged 2,000,000 more people are going to be moving to Metro DC, as one study suggested, but regardless as long as we're one of the nation's leading economic hubs during a recession we're going to be "Shangri-La" for many. I moved here just for a job. MOST move here just for a job (honestly, who would just wake up one morning in CA and say "I want to live in Ashburn, VA!?") With major companies continuing to move here (Northrop Grumman potentially being the latest addition to Reston or Tysons Corner if things go well), there will be many, many people moving here. We can either schlep 'em all onto the Silver Line or tell 'em all to sit alone in their SUVs and clog Reston's streets en route to work. Which would YOU prefer?

  3. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 16, 2010 at 11:56 AM

    P.S. I don't think P&Z has "sold out" to anyone. They recommend approval PROVIDED THAT concerns of both them and residents are addressed after the completion of the shadow study. However, I do NOT appreciate seeing them referencing that they are approving largely due to "time constraints." We knew Metro was coming for HOW MANY YEARS? If they're just now worried about meeting deadlines then why wasn't planning done sooner? Why didn't the county solicit development proposals sooner? As a potential long-term resident I want nothing but absolute PERFECTION for Reston's future, and that should NOT be compromised due to "time constraints."

  4. Agree with BiCO -- we knew Metro was coming 15 years ago. We need to change the conversation, and emphasize CONTINUE METRO OUT TO DULLES, ASHBURN, AND LEESBURG...!!

    Most of the traffic jams you see here during rush hour are neighbors to the west using our streets, and Route 7, and Route 193 as Toll Road escape routealternatives.

    Growth out west is going to be phenominal and downright scary... we need to become advocates for Metro, light rail, etc...

  5. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 16, 2010 at 12:22 PM

    For a period of time Loudoun County was the nation's most rapidly-growing county, no? MOST of those people work in Fairfax County (with a few sorry saps making a hellish commute all the way into the District). Reston is "in the way" of their commutes, so every new family that moves to Ashburn and works in Tysons Corner WILL be driving through our community via Route 7 or the toll road. I know it would be astonomically expensive to extend the Silver Line all the way to Leesburg, but creating one final major Metrorail stop just beyond Dulles somewhere in Sterling/Ashburn with a HUGE park & ride area as a "collection pond" for all of those Loudoun County commuters would be a great alternative to having our roads hopelessly gridlocked in the coming years as Loudoun continues to grow like a weed. Even Loudoun itself is experimenting with growing denser (i.e. Leesburg Town Center, Brambleton Town Center, etc.), but still 90% of those folks will be barreling through or INTO Reston in the coming years. Why would you NOT want them on the rails instead of on our roads? The flip-side? Most trains in the AM rush will be standing-room only by the time they hit Reston.

  6. BiCO -- yes, I agree... at least one more stop at say -- Dulles AP -- on the perimeter. Allowing for a large complex to handle coomuters and their parking needs; as well as a moving sidewalk arrangement to the Dulles terminal for travelers...

    The pipe dream would be (from the Dulles Metro stop) -- a light rail system out to Leesburg and beyond... using the right of way created by the Greenway.

  7. From the Uplands of RestonMarch 16, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    BiCO, Bus Rapid Transit and general bus service was the environmentally friendlier and fiscally prudent method used for 20 years, up to the cancellation of Fairfax Connector routes this year. It was in place and working, but not as sexy as the 'Silver Line."
    We had a way to get people around Reston. Now -- not so much.

  8. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 16, 2010 at 1:15 PM

    Light rail linking the Silver Line northwestward from Dulles to MARC in the Eastern Pandhandle of WV (with a stop in Leesburg) would be an EXCELLENT idea, but it is indeed a "pipe dream" when you consider finances. I know of numerous people who live in the Eastern Panhandle and who work in NoVA. If they could hop a train down to Dulles and then take the Silver Line, then that would also help to cut down on future congestion into and around Reston. Even people who commute into NoVA from Winchester/Berryville could drive down Route 7 to Leesburg, hop this new light rail line, and then transfer to the Silver Line. Unfortunately the flip-side of making it more convenient to move to the exurbs is that they will grow even more quickly, but if the growth is managed PROPERLY (i.e. transit-oriented development instead of Loudoun Valley Estates or Broadlands), then it may not be such a horrible thing.

    The main gist I'm trying to convey through my verbosity is that Reston is in a "squeeze play" of sorts. Most of the job opportunities in the region are either here or just to our east. Most people will be moving to our west in the coming years to find cheaper housing and more elbow room. The end result? Reston becomes uber-congested UNLESS we invest more in bus lanes, more efficient bus scheduling, and, yes, the SILVER LINE!

  9. Not to be a broken record, but in my humble opinion, Metro trains won't take an ounce of traffic off of our roads unless people can walk or bus to them. Look no further than 66 and 95, where the park-and-riders have just moved further and further out as the Metro has expanded for the past 30 years. If the Orange Line were to extend out to, say, Manassas, the current 66 debacle wouldn't improve. Some might argue it would move traffic a few exits down, but even that's optimistic. With every new build-out fueled by an extended metro line, more residual traffic hits the main road. Extending the metro line is at best half of the solution to traffic. The other half is what’s done with the community around it to keep cars off the roads.

  10. Reston Commuter -- you make a great point, but I do see the Metro parking lots beyond max capacity, so people do want to use Metro -- obviously this is not the most efficient (involving drive to scenario).

    The existing stations do not have the type of density that allows walk to -- although that is improving significantly at Dunn Loring. I believe if Metro continued out out 66 to the Warrenton exit you'd see fewer cars. Unfortunately, I don't see Metro having the capacity to handle that load in that corridor.

  11. Rail to Leesburg won't happen for a very long time. The Greenway was sold to private operators. The state is probably suject to a non-compete agreement.

    Light rail to Eastern Panhandle would be stupid, wasteful, and damaging to Western Loudoun's natural beauty.

    For a person who claimed to be anti-sprawl, you're anything but...

  12. It worked once...

  13. I remember riding electric trolley buses in the DC-metro area... time to bring back some good old ideas...

  14. Where we would build a coal-burning plant if we resurrect the W&OD?

  15. LOL

    It worked once... imagine a light monorial using the right-of-way .. we can dream can't we???

  16. Anon 2:04

    I'm old enough to remember when they said that about Vienna, and Springfield, and on, and on. If Orange went out to Warrenton, it might ease auto traffic for a time on 66, but there would be a race to build more and more houses further and further out, and thus the cycle would continue.

    The alternative is to either build developments closer to the Metro (difficult along 66 or the Toll Road, since everything is already built up), or build adequate feeder systems that don't require vehicle traffic - buses, bike lanes, trolly lines, whatever the case may be.

    I think we've got a long way to go here in Reston before we have policies or a public transportation system that could seriously curb traffic, and unfortunately, we're not yet heading in the right direction. Keep that EZ Pass handy.

  17. Exactly, 2:12. BiCO is not advocating against sprawl; instead he's advocating for sprawl with a train in the mix.

    Let me tell you how I see this whole Metro thing unfolding. When the Silver line starts up, all of those folks that are now taking the bus between Reston/Herndon/LoCo (and, yes, Fauqier, Clark and Frederick Counties) and points west will take the train instead. So, you won't see too much of a drop in traffic because of this. Why? Because the buses mostly use the Access highway and are already stuffing a lot of people into one vehicle.

    However, Metro will be more convenient ENOUGH that they will give up the car or drive to Reston instead of driving all the way to their jobs. That's going to clear up some road capacity. Right? RIGHT??? Just keep telling yourself that.

    Herein lies the rub. With all of those cars gone, the people who live in LoCo but would never think of taking jobs in Tyson's because of the odious traffic will now see that as an option. They will have less hesitation to take jobs in Reston and Herndon as well because the traffic to these locations has improved. So, they'll be hitting the roads in search of the better paying professional jobs in Tyson's and beyond while shirking the retail jobs that are in Loudoun. After all, if I can be a secretary (Oops, I mean Admin Asst) in Tyson's, why would I want to be grocery store cashier in LoCo?

    Then the "Don't Fence Me In" types will now have more convenient access to Metro. That yearn for the wild will push them farter to the west because their commutes will be less stressful. On top of these, people to the east who would like to live out here but just can't see themselves fighting traffic along the Toll road will now have reason to take a second look at Reston and Herndon.

    And, before you know it, we're right back where we started from. Too many people and too little transportation capacity.

    Now, my pipe dream is for Arlington to start flattening it's SFH housing stock in favor of higher density. This makes more since because, as we all know, DC is the jobs magnet of the area. Putting those apartments in Arlington and Alexandria puts people closer to those jobs.

    We could also take some of the "road calming" measures that they used on Personal Injury Lawyer's road and apply that to the major thoroughfares, like cutting down the Greenway from two lanes to one on just this side of the main toll plaza and we could do the same for about 100 yards along Reston Parkway right there by Route 7. We could also refuse to put up ramps facing west on the Toll road at Wiehle and Soapstone, much the same way that they don't have west facing ramps at Wolf Trap Road.

    No, I'm sorry, BiCO. If you really want to discourage sprawl, you would need less capacity, not more. LoCo is going to be built out before you know it and all of that traffic will still be flowing through Reston on rails and road.

  18. In a very special episode of "Reston Heights"March 16, 2010 at 3:09 PM

    Why do I get the feeling the plaza will end up just as vibrant a cultural gathering spot as the Reston International Center's plaza, now a preferred filming location for '70s post-apocalyptic SF remakes? ("Only a few centons more and we'll cross the wasteland and reach the fabled land of 'Chee-Lee's!'")

  19. Here's my bit of apostacy:

    In addition, to the Silverline extending all the way to leesburg, the W&OD should be returned to its original function: a railway.

    A light commuter rail to cary passengers from Winchester to Vienna.

    Sorry sunday joggers and bike-shorts wearing aggressive bikers. This would be a much greener solution and serve the greater good in a way that does not even compare to the enjoyment people get from running/biking along its length.

    And to accommodate the runners and bikers (sorry horse people) the horse trail next to the light rail should be paved over.

  20. HCKD -- love it... :o)

  21. I agree that the W&OD should be returned to its original function.

  22. See here for new route

  23. Looking at the W&OD service maps -- this was once an intricate network of rail systems...

    Some of the original commuter/passenger shelter/stations still around...

    What ashame...

  24. Smart cars for everyone in Reston...

  25. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 16, 2010 at 5:59 PM

    To those saying I'm an advocate of sprawl one need only recall my angst towards the pro-suburban "we need height limits" and "we need more open space everywhere" folks at Reston 2020 to put things into perspective. Whether we like it or not as long as housing along the Dulles Toll Road and Route 7 corridors remains very cost-prohibitive to the lower-middle-class (I myself am a college-educated financial professional who is barely scraping by), then the "cheap" ($300,000 for a townhome is still not "cheap", but I digress) mass-produced vinyl housing in Loudoun County (LoCO) will still remain attractive, regardless of how hellish the commutes become if the Silver Line is never built. How does a single service worker in our area afford housing? They can't, not even in LoCO. In a sense building more dense housing options around Reston's upcoming Metro stations may not even help much because we all know these will be more uber-expensive luxury high-rise options (see Metropolitan at RTC). The rest of the lot of us will be languishing at near-roach motels like Colvin Woods or Charter Oak. We're not ALL dually-employed couples with $100,000+ household incomes. As long as most housing options here are geared either towards those types or towards those who require subsidized housing, then where are those who are earning just a tad too much to qualify for taxpayer-subsidized housing but not quite enough to pay market rate supposed to live? I've been spending 60% of my NET income to live in Charter Oak, and I've been nothing but angry at what I've received in return---maintenance problems, people shouting across the parking lot in Spanish, car alarms going off at 4 AM, people staring into my ground-floor windows as they walk their dogs, etc. You might as well call this place the Beverly Hills of the projects. Do something to FIX Fairfax County's affordable housing crisis for the lower-middle-class (NOT poor or those able to pay the "prevailing market rate") and magically watch as people STOP moving in droves to Loudoun County. With my budget (I earn less than half Reston's median household income) I, too, SHOULD have moved to LoCO when I moved here, but I chose Reston to be somewhat more ecologically responsible and live in an established area.

  26. Are firefighters, police officers, nurses, teachers, and soldiers considered low income...??? Cuz, I don't see where they could live in Reston...

  27. BiCO,

    Your arguments get lost in all that text. Try to break things out in sections and they'll be more easy to read.

    Silverline is coming. Nobody can stop it and I don't think there is much opposition.

    What the opposition is how the Dulles corridor will be re-developed.

    The Comstock design sucks and it needs to be re-worked.

    Just because something is happening does not mean the community where it is happening has no voice in how it happens.

    We do have a say.


  28. A little bit of a say -- precedent was set way back. All of the properties in the RCIG and Reston Center (RC) are not a part of RA -- goes back to the 60's. We do have responsibility for covenants and restrictions. DRB is our best asset here.

  29. Can we all just agree to tele-commute? Even on alternate days?

  30. BiCO,

    Two Silver Line stops are planned for Loudoun County. They will be at 267 & 606 (Old Ox Road) and 267 & Loudoun County Parkway. That goes pretty far into Loudoun. Before extending it all the way to Leesburg they will probably extend the Orange Line to Centerville or Manassas and the Blue line to Woodbridge/Potomac Mills.

    You ask where do service workers live in Fairfax County. Many live in neighborhoods such as yours. The rule of thumb is not % of net income but pretax income. Aim for about 1/3 of pretax income. It looks like a 2 BR in Archstone Charter Oak (which I presume is what you are referencing?) is $1300 so making that 1/3 is $46,800. Two service workers (say a husband who works in construction and a wife who works cleaning houses or daycare or either works retail) can get up to $46,800 or close enough. They also can move to cheaper apartment communities in the area. Some also live with cousins/extended family who also contribute to rent. And, sad to say, many have their high school aged children working 20 hours a week during the school year and using that money toward household expenses. (I say sad to say because that leaves almost no time for homework let alone sports or extracurriculars.)

    The difference between them and you is that presumably in five years you'll be making a lot more than your current salary whereas they will be lucky if they are making $1-2/hr more in those professions.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Neither Fairfax County police nor its teachers are low-income earners. We have both living on our North Point cul-de-sac of $750,000 homes.

    Maybe they are among the section 8 elite earning six-figure salaries and getting housing help -- some as high as $216,000 or $184,000.

    And Hudgins is "struggling" to find ways to cut the budget...

    Hmmmm---where do I sign up?

  33. It just keeps getting better -- appears Leila, of RCC, just sent an email to her RCC constituents endorsing Kevin Danaher...

  34. RCC is Fairfax County. Leila Gordon lives in Washington DC and is a Fairfax County employee. Butt out Leila. When Leila Gordon/RCC/Fairfax County are so invested in the outcome of the RA election it can only mean that Fairfax County is bullying its way in where it doesn't belong. There needs to be a healthy distance between those two boards. We saw what can happen when Leila and company ran over the last board. It cost us $100,000's. Seriously Leila - butt out - or move to Reston and pay RA dues and Small District 5 taxes.

  35. Of course, she did. he works for her. And he will still be working for her when he is supposed to be working for us. Vote for whoever - but do not give RCC a seat the table.

  36. Why not instead make one big box with a plaza on top and parking inside. That way the cars could pull up to the hotel. It could have a great unobstructed view.

  37. Lila Gordon spoke against Mike Corrigan's Restown. She has donated $200 to Cathy Huddgins according to public record. If she's there much longer the Fairfax County workers cubicles will totally take over RCC and there won't be any room left!

  38. hey BiCO,

    these will not all be "more uber-expensive luxury high-rise options". There is an affordable housing requirement.

  39. Lila Gordon keeps the wood shop closed. If you're ever over at RCC ask about the wood shop. Most don't know that there is a wood shop. Yes the original founders of RCC wanted for Reston Citizens to have the use of a wood shop but Lila Gordon keeps the door to the wood shop CLOSED. She don't want Reston citizens to use their own wood shop for which they pay about 5 cents per hundred dollars of value of there house while Mclean only pays 2. Cathy Hudgins don't want the Citizens of Reston to use their wood shop either. If you do happen to see the door open it's probably just open to thespians. Thespians in the wood shop but no just average citizen! It is open one full day a week but then it's Reston citizens in there shoulder to shoulder struggling to work on wood in peace which is fine with Lila and Cathy. And don't look for any suggestion box either. She don't want no suggestion box because "We don't need no suggestions." The Vienna Community Center has a suggestion box and just about every place in America that is a real community center has a suggestion box right out in the lobby. Lila Gordon and Cathy Huddgins don't want no suggestion box because she knows it would be stuffed full of suggestions by Reston Citizens suggesting that their wood shop be open. As it is now their should be a sign on the door saying "non wood shop."

  40. No matter how well done the future of Reston is, we are almost certain to see MUCH more traffic, and a blow-up in our population is the reason why.

    Two sources of growth: The increased density authorized by the county in RA-land (the PRC)will permit another 25-30,000 people here. The transit-oriented development of the Dulles Corridor (RCIG) will conservatively add another 40-50,000 people to Reston. So, yes, you can reasonably expect Reston's population to double in the next four decades.

    Also, the amount of office space in Reston will double or more in the same time, mostly along the Dulles Corridor, bringing in 40-50,000 commuters each work day. Hopefully most of them will take the Metro, but it is basically an east-west link. People who live north-south of Reston will be driving along Wiehle/Soapstone, Reston Parkway, & Fairfax County Parkway before turning on to the DTR, Sunrise Valley, Sunset Hills, or Baron Cameron to reach their offices.

    No amount of roadway asphalt, bike lanes, walkways, etc., will offset massive increases in Reston's traffic.

  41. Anon 8:03

    Cathy Hudgins has told us to learn to walk.

    The only way this increase in density can work is if the people who live here stop driving their cars.

    Who benefits? Short term? The developers and property owners in the RCIG (Dulles corridor). In the long term, the county will gain more revenue, but the denser things gets, businesses will begin relocate, people will move elsewhere.

    Has the Chamber of Commerce considered what will happen if people have to walk or take bicycles to reach the stores of their members?

    The county wants to turn us into Ballston on steroids.

    It won't take four decades for our population to double. Right now there are 20 development proposals for along the Dulles Toll Road (Sunrise Valley Drive and Sunset Hills Road) that call for 23,413 new residential units. The developers sponsoring those proposals are now waiting for the Reston Master Plan Special Study Task Force to rewrite the comprehensive plan to go ahead with their applications for zoning changes. That could mean 50,000 or 60,000 new people in the corridor in five or six years.

  42. One of my proposals to help the environment and end "Red alert Days" is to have the RA give a discount for use of the facilities to firms that hire Reston Residents and people who live nearby thus reducing smog. Unfortunately the RCC would not qualify because most live far from Reston including Lila Gordon who lives in DC.

  43. Reston needs to learn from Arlington. The redevelopment is going to take decades. A lot of the existing infrastructure in RTC will be obsolete and will need to be replaced by high rises. An FAR of 1.0 is entirely inappropriate for that area. Instead of trying to resize the rest of Reston to make quick profits for well-placed developers, they need to keep the high density development confined to areas between Sunset Hills and Sunrise Valley to maintain the integrity of existing neighborhoods (see Arlington) and to minimize the competition between local traffic and the commuters trying to reach the subway stations via existing roads (see Arlington again).

  44. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)March 17, 2010 at 5:48 PM

    Anonymous @ 10:18 AM: I already told everyone how much SMARTER Arlington was than Reston for this and many other reasons. I was told "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." People in Reston are content to live in their current mediocrity and don't wish to see their community live up to its fullest potential, so why even bother trying to make suggestions? Reston could transform Reston Town Center into a Ballston/Rosslyn-like transit-oriented urban node surrounded by the preservation of existing neighborhoods. We could put in more SIDEWALKS, STREETLIGHTS, and BIKE LANES to make our community more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly. We could expand (not reduce) bus service. We could bulldoze the embarrassing Spectrum Center and replace it with a multi-story mixed-use project not unlike what is in Columbia Heights in the District (with underground parking and multi-story big-boxes to replace the ones already there). Instead of paving over Fairway Apartments we could build high-rises on the wasted tract of surface parking across from Chipotle in RTC, along Fountain Drive. For God's sake as long as we still have people in this suburb opposed to the Silver Line because they think BUSES alone will be enough to keep traffic manageable here once tens of thousands more people move to Loudoun County and commute through or to Reston, then how can we ever evolve into a nice place to live?

  45. Planet Earth to BiCOMarch 18, 2010 at 7:56 PM


    Please cite for us one comment anywhere on Restonian by someone who said they were against the Silver Line coming to Reston. Just one. Not somebody who said they were against higher density or the proposed development at the Wiehle terminus, or who wondered about the impact of Metro on Reston, but someone who unequivocally said they were against the Silver Line per se.

    This is put up or shut up time. If you can't find any evidence to support your contention, can you then kindly spare us your usual rants about how EVERYONE who's lived in Reston longer than you is so damned opposed to Metro coming here?

  46. We seem to be experiencing homeless sprawl in Reston. I notice that we now have a Grummanville in addition to Targetville and HCAville.


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