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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breaking: RA Board Officers Named, Birthday Greetings Offered

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Wow, even the RA is using the Twitters now to "break" news! So far from this evening's inaugural meeting of the new RA Board, we've learned that Kathleen Driscoll McKee has been elected president, Paul Thomas was elected vice president, and newly reelected Joe Leighton was elected secretary. John Higgins was elected treasurer, and... well, there's probably more, but the rapid-fire tweeting overheated the TI-99A that serves as Restonian World Headquarters' Twitter machine, so who knows.

Seriously, we've poked fun at the RA's Internet outreach in the past, but we applaud this live coverage of the board meeting and hope they continue doing this in the future. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of that whole transparency thing we've been carping about. Fingers crossed!


  1. Wow, Dick Chew's wife's birthday is the same day as my mother's! Happy birthday, Mom! (yes, there are multiple generations of Anonymouses (anonymice?) reading this blog.)

  2. That scumbag should quit! He's pathetic!

  3. Poor chewbacca --- didn't get a seat at the table --- it sucks to be you!

  4. Chew has no shame!

  5. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO): Soon-to-Be "Amongst the 'Hoods in Colvin Woods"April 15, 2010 at 6:38 AM

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Chew! :-)

  6. So, the caped one is the new pres? Someone needs to take that babe to Bloomies and get her some new clothes...and that 'do?

    Come on, three-named Kathie, you are a bottle-blonde for sure, but you are no Gloria Vanderbilt!

  7. Kathleen intimidates me, makes me feel like I'm back in school. She's got the schoolmarm glasses, cloths, hair and attitude. Please someone give her a makeover.

  8. Big defeat for the Chew-man. It was a well-known fact that he was going for the presidency and had hand-picked 3 candidates to vote for him. Now he isn't even on the leadership team and worst of all from his perspective Joe is. He tried pretty hard to discredit Joe and given that Joe won by a landslide I think it's safe to say that it didn't work. The people of Reston are not so easily manipulated.

  9. Secretary is a leadership position? Yeah, Beamer was everywhere speaking on behalf of Reston. The position is a lot of drudgery.

    Joe's term limited now. Only 3 years left. Some might say lame duck.

  10. Regrettably, I see little likely change in the RA Board's view that Restonians are it serfs, not its citizens. The best I would hope for is that the Board will have sufficient memory to recall the debacles surrounding the Brown's Chapel and new headquarters initiatives.

    I really hope they can keep their personal ambitions and hallucinatory visions under control.

  11. For Anon 10:44 AM--

    Re secretary as leadership: Puts you on the executive committee. Not a big deal, but a deal.

    Re "lame duck" Joe: Joe has already resurrected his Board participation once, taking a one-year "term limited" sabbatical before being re-elected. He's served on the Board 9 of the last 10 years. Wouldn't surprise me if he does that again. He really cares about this place called Reston.

  12. Joe is one of the most dedicated individuals I know. His years of effort at RA, as well as his own Cluster stand out...

  13. I am fortunate to know Kathleen personally. Have for over 20 years. She is a good person.

    Focus on her policies good or bad, not her sense of style.

    Haters have been put on notice:

    Attacks on Lake Anne or Kathleen will be met with "the Knuckle Duster."

  14. Logrolling on Lake AnneApril 15, 2010 at 6:59 PM


    Would an attack be defined as anything you don't agree with?


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