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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party Rally to be Held in Reston; Sign-Wielding Leftist Infiltrators to Be Mocked With Even Stupider Signs

umbrella.jpgIt's "tax day," which means those of us who actually still have those "jobs" people keep talking about have to stand in line at the post office with an envelope containing various arbitrary forms, while TV reporters and DJs file breathless reports and hand out donuts and coffee to the associated wage slaves citizenry. If that's not your bag, though, you can go to a fancy tea party!

That's right, the Northern Virginia Tea Party is holding a rally from 3-5pm in the "right of way" behind Fox Mill Fire Station 31 along Reston Parkway. Good thing it's not a left of way! This sounds like great fun, especially since last year's event was a real hoot, treacherous, left-leaning umbrellas notwithstanding.

Of course, not everyone can be as thoughtful and nuanced as these right-thinking protesters. Fortunately, they have provided a helpful video guide on what to do about the plague of 21st Century America: "Leftist infiltrators."

This You Tubes claims that these "leftists" have devised a cunning plan to infiltrate these gatherings with signs that "make us look like racists or look stupid." We're not entirely sure they need any help in that regard, but we have to admit that we dig the counter-signs they've got planned to nip that lefty nonsense in the bud.


  1. I like this guy's sign:

  2. Sweet. The ghost of George Carlin is a Tea Party supporter!

  3. There's also a coffee party in Reston.

    I thought they'd be picketing in front of the Northpoint Giant.

  4. Teabonics:

  5. These people are so self important. Any chance if I wore a Leftist Infiltrator shirt around it would keep these nuts away from me?

  6. These signs are laughable:

  7. Oops:

  8. I went into Vienna to see what the turnout was like -- not impressed. Asked someone what he thought -- he was very anti-government -- he was hoping to see more show up later in day. It turns out he's on disability!! The truth is just too funny.

  9. Anon 5:31 - Vienna is not in Fox Mill. Darn, I missed the event.

    Anon 5:04 - Self important is a state of mind . . . that many of my liberal neighbors have had for years, crossing their arms and refusing to participate until someone they "liked" was in the White House . . . all the while collecting their pay checks that depended on the government largesse. Totally hypocritical, but very self righteous about it.

    Can you hear me now?

  10. there were events in several areas today...

  11. only self-entitled, chubby, middle aged white people are the "participaters"...more like

    Get real...if you all are mad about taxes then simply return your own social security/medicare/earmarked benefits to help pay down the national debt...and demonstrate for others to do the same.

  12. Why is everyone posting as 'Anonymous' on this topic?? hmmmmm

  13. Anon 8:53 - I agree that there's a lot of inflated egos on all sides of the aisle. It just so happens that the spotlight is now on the Tea Baggers so they take the heat.

  14. Why, 10:57? Because the editorial board of Restonian hasn't figured out how to change "Anonymous" to "Another Gutless Coward" in the drop down box.

    (Hey, it's all about the snark, right?)

  15. barry is a one-term president !

  16. Go Palin/Bachmann !!!

  17. You guys are so funny. Whatever happened to "dissidence is the highest form of patriotism?"

    it's OK to protest:

    our soldiers overseas
    radio talk show hosts
    Big pharma
    Big oil
    Big defense
    Big cheese

    But the MINUTE we protest Big Government, well we're just a bunch of "right-wingers" and probably racist.

    It's a hilarious leap, and it's a willful ignorance of what drives something like this. Instead of listening, watching and trying to understand why people who haven't been really active before early 2009 are active now and what their ACTUAL concerns are, many would prefer to just paint a broad brush...

    And YES, it's BLATANTLY hypocritical for many to protest Big Government now when we had 8 years of Big Government with George W Bush. This is why if you LISTEN to what they're saying at many protests (especially the one in Reston/Herndon), you'll find us lambasting the Bush Administration and the Republican Party as well as the current regime.

    Anyway, enjoy your day!

  18. Teabagging is when you put your genitals into the mouth of another.

    What an appropriate name for a bunch of douchebags who collect their medicare coverage, VA benefits, mortgage write offs, and the entire host of other government entitlements but the minute coverage is going to be extended to another 30 million all of a sudden they're all mad as shit.

    Just suck somebody else's balls you damned teabagger!


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