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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lock Up the Kids and Head to the Macaroni Grill: Reston Named 7th Most Romantic City in US

Just in time for Valentine's Day and obsessive list-readers everywhere, Reston has been named the 7th most romantic city in the United States by vaguely irritating "check-in" machine Foursquare. Apparently Foursquare interprets check-ins like this

Finally Foursquare good for something.jpg

as signifying romantic interludes. Okay then!

Using that fool-proof metric, Reston was rated as more romantic than boring Key West, Beverly Hills and Myrtle Beach. You could have sun and surf or... the Macaroni Grill.

We'll let you be the judge with a romantic Rorschach test of sorts. Which of the following evocative, romantic images stirs your loins tender affections more?


Screen shot 2010-05-11 at 10.06.29 AM.jpg

Case closed.

Only San Francisco, New York, St. Louis and a couple of places in California rank above Reston in terms of romantic-ness. The most romantic place, according to Foursquare? Disneyland, which should tell you everything you need to know about this list, the end.

Update: One of our awesome commenters shares the romantic song we should all be singing to each other on Tuesday.


  1. Hey, nothing says lovin' like a burnt orange oven. Just saying.

  2. OOOhh Reston! me your bollards and I'll show you mine

  3. Part of the ranking criteria seems to be romantic restaurants. Obviously Macaroni Grill pushed us over the edge.

  4. C'mon, everybody, sing aloud!

    Exciting and new
    Come aboard
    The DRB's expecting you

    Life's sweetest reward
    Let the color palette float
    It floats back to you*

    *pending approval by cluster and DRB boards

    The mauve boat
    Soon will be making another run
    The mauve boat
    Must be electric powered and resemble a dock

    Set a course for Lake Anne
    Your mind on some new cupcakes.

    And mauve
    Won't hurt anymore
    It's some red mulch
    On a bed of unapproved white stone

    Welcome aboard it's mauve, mauve, MAUVE!

  5. I met my true love in Reston, so I think we deserve the kudos!

  6. Anon 4:13pm --

    I can almost picture it.

    "Our eyes met across the smoky bar at the Macaroni Grill. By the time we'd had our frozen yogurt and artisan cupcake, we knew it was true love..."

  7. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonFebruary 9, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    Anon 1:40:

    A classic! When all of us on Restonian collaborate to write the sequel to "Reston: The Opera", your lyrics will be immortalized forever.

  8. Foursquare must have us confused with Virginia Beach. How could a soulless, humorless place like Reston possibly be romantic???

    ...or so that dimwit reporter from VB would have the world believe....

  9. Reston isn't the outskirts of Hell. Reston is Hell. Just ask anyone who's had to take on the Sisyphean task of getting approval from RA for a tree removal.

  10. The sun headed toward the mountains beyond Purcellville bathed my office in a furnace orange and glinted through the bottle of rye on my desk as I wiped down my .45 and reflected on just what it was that brought me to the gritty urban core also known as Reston Town Center. A sudden knock on the door sent the throbbing in my skull ever higher on the Richter scale. Through the privacy glass on the office door I could see the shapely form of a dame...a high class dresser and one that was trouble a capital T, one that knew just what she wanted. It was Valentines Day, of course...


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