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Friday, November 13, 2015

Reston Station Going to the Dogs, or Pigs, or Something (Updated)


Confidential Restonian Operative "South Lakes Survivor" sent us this nightmare fuel Twitter photo of the latest piece of whimsical art to grace our favorite Metro station and source of artisanal bacon products, Reston Station. Apparently giant towers of surplus utility conduit flapping in the breeze was too challenging a public art statement for the commuter crowd, so the powers that be opted for something a bit more... mainstream, assuming you call a weirdly anthropomorphic and sexualized yet ambiguous barnyard animal "mainstream."

But what is it? At first, we were going with "bear," but after closer examination, we're thinking "pig," maybe? Is it an unintentional metaphor for the intentional growth all around it? Is it queuing up early to be the first to enjoy some sweeeeeet trackside midscale chain dining? Only the artist knows for sure.

True story: As week or so back, we were returning to Reston on the last train of the evening after attending one of the many invitation-only black-tie soirees we get invited to, and we stumbled upon this as we were heading bleary-eyed to the elevator to retrieve our car on level G41 of the garage, but didn't quite process it. Good to know it wasn't a figment of our fevered imagination.


Update: Apparently it's a repurposed panda bear from downtown, but Floyd never did a song about any of the ursine members of the chordata phylum, so our headline stands, the end.


  1. How appropriate for Friday the 13th. Thanks in advance for the nightmares, Restonian!

  2. Q: What's green and no longer smells like bacon?
    A: Kermit the Frog's finger.

    (The current rendition of The Muppet show isn't as good as the original, but it's still better for the kids than SVU.)

  3. Nothing like a pig with lipstick to oversee a concrete 6-story underground bunker and a 15-story concrete and glass prison watchtower.

    So fitting!


    1. I was about to say that it looked like one of the Panda-monium pandas.

    2. Hard to believe a "private collector" could spare such a vital and aesthetically pleasing piece of art.

  5. It's Spamela Anderson from Hay Watch.

  6. Lipstick on a pig. The statue is kind of weird too.

  7. Miss Piggy after a nose job?

  8. South Lakes SurvivorFebruary 16, 2016 at 2:58 PM

    As if riding metro every day wasn't torture enough, I have to see this ridiculousness.
    And since it is WINTER, I feel a combination of horror, cold, and general disgust every time I pass this thing while trying not to look at it.
    Please, whoever owns this, TAKE IT BACK, we beg you!


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