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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

So Long, Surface Parking: RTC Construction Begins Monday

RTC building

Several years in the planning, this tall glass of water mixed cladding materials will soon be gracing the last surface parking lot at Reston's gritty urban core. The parking lot closes on Monday, ending our endless hours of circling in hopes of finding a spot without fighting the Sleestaks venturing into one of the (still free, at least for now) garages.

Boston Properties' "Signature Site," as we were unaware this was called until now, includes two residential high-rises and an office/retail building ranging between 17 and 21 stories tall. Here's a site plan, which we found under a banner that reads "World-Class":

Site plan

R-3 (which is what we hope they continue to market the building as, continuing the trend of swanky vowel-free apartment living) encroaches on the existing park space in RTC's northeast corner, but we knew that. Initial occupancy of the 540 residential units is scheduled for 2017.

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  1. But where will they put the goofy little rides at the various festivals during the summer? What will the children do? Think about the children!?11!!


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