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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dredgepocalypse Now: Lake Anne's Precious Bodily Fluids Safe From Scourge of Leaves and Sediment, For Now

If you have a child (or adult) that loves to watch big trucks and boats and whatnot move around, gather them around the glowing Internet rectangle of your choice to watch this v. v. exciting video from the Reston Association, sharing the recent removal of 54 truckloads of festering crud material from everyone's favorite jet age air conditioning system.

You'll also learn some fun facts. Did you know that Reston's plastic fantastic manmade lakes are the norm, not the exception in Virginia? Apparently, there are only two "natural" lakes in the entire state, the park and ride lot notwithstanding.

Sadly, there's no footage of the incredible finds made by RA's intrepid submariner corps. Dredging Lake Anne surfaced "waterlogged patio furniture," 19 bikes, and enough tires to start a Goodyear franchise.

All this exciting nautical activity made us think, though. Given the RA's tough new boating regulations, they're missing a big opportunity if they pack all this gear up and send it off to the next clogged-up tributary.

RA Boarding Party

People (well, mostly us) have mocked the idea of the RA "reserving the right to board and inspect boats or vessels on the lakes," but if one of these bad boys pulled up to your booze barge and extended the shovel grappling hook, you wouldn't be laughing. RAMMING SPEED!

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  1. When do they plan to dredge Lake Thoreau so that we can recover all the expensive liquor that fell overboard there when criminal mastermind Andrew Wren's canoe capsized following his burglary of the South Lakes ABC store?


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