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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Frankie Doesn't Go To Hollywood: RELAC Just Did It

How many tortuous references to a long-forgotten 80s song can we make? Apparently, as many times as everyone's favorite lake-powered, jet-age air conditioning system manages to survive the referenda that would allow people around Lake Anne to stop using it. Give us some good blockquote, BFFs at Reston Now:

The RELAC air-conditioning system will stay in place for 343 Lake Anne-area homes after a resident referendum to remove the deed ordering it failed to pass.

The referendum needed a two-thirds majority of voters to remove the Reston deed item mandating the lake water-cooled system in the homes.

The final tally was 156 votes for no revocation and 118 votes to remove the deed item, Reston Association Board President Ken Knueven said at a special board meeting on Monday. Nearly 80 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot, he added.

A similar referendum also failed in 2008.
People can continue to opt-out of using RELAC by providing a doctor's note, as if they were living in an 1960s-era college dorm instead of... a 1960s-era townhouse. Also, there's no truth to the rumor that despite the referendum's results, the RA is considering allowing the use of this slightly more modern water-powered cooling system:

Screen Shot 2015 02 10 at 7 06 59 PM
"Colors may vary." So much for that idea.


  1. Well, this blows... (or not!)

    Here's a question, what will all of this do to the home values of our beloved brutalist block borough?

    Show we ask Smithers to release the hounds (the lawyers)?

    1. The restrictive covenant has been in place since the founding of Reston. The diminution in value (if any) of your home is reflected in the purchase price at the time of purchase and your selling at time of sale. The fact that the covenant remains does not reduce value.

    2. Two things are different:

      1. More people are aware now of the RELAC nightmare as a result of the referendum and the media surrounding it.
      2. The result of the referendum makes it clear that the situation with RELAC will likely not change for the better anytime soon.

  2. I love the architecture in that part of Reston, but I would definitely cross those homes off my list if I could not have a modern AC unit. I like it icy cold inside during the summertime.

    1. ...then there are guys like me, a city development planner by training, who utterly despise this style of architecture ...ugly ugly ugly but like you, wouldn't chose to live there because of the lack of efficient, effective modern utilities and amenities.

    2. Then who really gives an F what you think? If you don't like the neighborhood, go to Macaroni Grill and ... Oh wait, it's leaving. Where does one go to stuff their stupid fat face nowadays with all you can eat breadstix?

  3. Restonian, you are the troll's troll. you can always guarantee hits to your filthy web-log with posts about Lake Anne and / or RELAC.

  4. Score one for Legionairre's Disease.


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