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Thursday, February 6, 2014

'Upscale' Bowling? Yet More Proof the Hipster Apocalypse Is Upon Us

YikesFirst, it was ironic graffiti. Now it appears as though Reston's vibrant urban core could become home to an "upscale" bowling parlor, in which hipsters can ironically wear Hawaiian shirts and steal their rental shoes to add to their carefully curated retro-ironic wardrobes. Is nothing sacred?

The CEO of an upscale bowling company tells Washington Business Journal they are eyeing a location in Northern Virginia, likely either in Reston Town Center or somewhere in Tysons Corner.

Pinstripes is set to open this weekend in Georgetown. It will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, and is currently taking reservations for private events and parties.
Ironic bowling, ironic homemade Pop-Tarts, and maybe dessert at the artisanal chocolatery before heading back to the hipster-friendly, if not exactly inexpensive, abode? Our gritty urban core could soon have it all covered, hipster-wise. Or it could wind up being more like this:

Apparently Pinstripes also offers bocce, but we've already got that covered, the end.

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