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Friday, April 26, 2013

Uno Down, One to Go: Closing of Midscale Chain Eatery Presages Demise of Another Midscale Chain Eatery

sadness.jpegThere are no words, BFFs at Patch. No words at all:

Uno Chicago Grill will close later this spring to make way for Ted's Bulletin at Reston Town Center, several commercial real estate sources say.

A deal has been in the works for several months as Ted's Bulletin sought the right location for its first Northern Virginia location. Uno, at 11948 Market St., has been a longtime tenant of the Town Center.
So a national midscale chain eatery is being replaced by a regional, slightly more midscale chain eatery? That's life in the big city verisimilitude of a gritty urban core. We are looking forward to Ted's "homemade Pop-Tarts" though.

But the demise of Unos means that another carb-intensive eatery not far away is the Last Midscale Chain Standing. And as we all know, it won't be (all that) long until the fat lady sings over at Spectrum as well. (See what we did there?)

We've moved from shock to anger, and now just Sadness. And so, it is with a heavy heart (and even heavier use of the Transform tool in Photoshop) that we set the minute hand of the Macaroni Grill Doomsday Clock to 11:58.

Macaroni Grill 1158.jpg


  1. I still don't understand your fascination with fake italian food. I feel like I missed the first two minutes of the movie and the constant running joke is just above the reach of my comprehension. :(

  2. Just go with it, dude. It could be a shorthand critique of all the bland chains that have covered RTC/Spectrum like kudzu. Or maybe he really does like stuffing his face with all-you-can-eat breadsticks.

  3. It's a running joke that ran its course years ago... along with the bollards..but it's best not to say anything negative or you get the sycophants upset. And never ever say anything bad about that ugly Lake Anne center that should have been bulldozed ages ago.

    1. Absolutely! Lake Anne Plaza should have been knocked down to give the area a fresh start! But Those Who Worship At The Altar of Bob Simon would never let that happen, unfortunately.

    2. The people who own condos and live there might also have something to say about having their homes razed.

  4. Bulldoze Lake Anne? Are you daft! It's the historic heart of Reston!

    Upset Sycophant

  5. What this earth-toned paradise really needs is a Hooters.

  6. What Reston needs is more non-chain restaurants. I wish we had a decent Mexican place in town. Uncle Julio's is good, but too big and too loud.

  7. Is Restonian a brony?

  8. Troll @ 10:08
    Go stuff your stupid fat face with all-you-can-eat breadsticks at Macaroni Grill while you still can. And when you're done crawl back to your earth-toned hovel.

  9. Ted's Bulletin? Just one more reason to boycott RTC/AWOD.

  10. Uno's is not very good anyway. Won't miss it.


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