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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

From De-Luxe Apartments to Premium Parking, Is Reston Deviating From Our Ford Focus Future?

ElitistsWhat, with the slow-motion implosion of the federal government's ability to effectively govern itself, much less effectively govern ongoing fiscal crises, we've been told to gird ourselves for a future of lowered expectations -- of Ford Focuses instead of BMWs, as it were. Well, apparently not everyone's gotten the message.

First of all, the fancypants-yet-allegedly-hipster-friendly apartment building now nearing completion in Reston Town Center is offering places at decidedly non-hipster-friendly prices. A studio apartment in the Avant, offering a kingly "537-644 square feet," starts at $1,977 a month. Want a three-bedroom apartment, like some kind of Rockefeller person with children? Prices start at $4,105. Who knows, maybe you're paying for the right to have those highly-exclusive vowels in your building's name.

Then there's the awesome parking garage nearing completion at the future Wiehle Avenue Metro station on the slightly-less-than-complete Silver Line. You could battle for the last available unreserved spot (sure to be filled by 6:58am) with the rest of the peons and wage slaves for $4.75 per day, or you could pick up "gold reserved" or "platinum reserved" parking, complete with a prestigious numbered spot, for $105 to $195 per month. Lest there be any question who the target audience for this service might be, please to be enjoying the image in their own promotional advertising, as pictured above. Look familiar?

Monopoly ManLet's just change our name to "Great Falls South" now and get it over with, the end.


  1. Let the revolution begin. Viva la Reston!

  2. Unless my math is wrong, there are 21.5 workdays per month*, times $4.75 is $102.12 per month. Makes sense to buy the reserved spot and have your own little rectangle of subterranean concrete. If you can haul yer butt out of bed by 10am, that is.

    * Ignoring holidays and vacation.

  3. We are all outlaws in the eyes of Amerika
    In order to survive we steal, cheat, lie, forge, f**k, hide and deal
    We are obscene, lawless, hideous, dangerous, dirty, violent and young
    All your private property is target for your enemies
    And your enemy is (we)
    We are forces of chaos and anarchy
    Everything they say we are, we are
    And we are very proud of ourselves.
    Those were the good ole days weren't they?
    Now we are all too busy coming up with $4,105 per month for our rent.
    Time for a new revolution? Up against the wall, mutha...

  4. I need a raise... bad!

  5. Or you could just park in Isaac Newton Square and walk over.

  6. It takes about 45 minutes garage to parking lot to drive to the Shakespeare theater downtown. About 35 minutes to return after the play.

    On the Silver line I estimate:

    Drive to Wheile & park 10
    Wait for Sliver train 6
    Travel to Metro Center 30
    Wait for Yellow train 6
    Travel to Archives 2

    This is with no track fires. A 10-20 minute delta doesn't seem much to pay to avoid having to drive. But... For the 35-45 minute drive we are safe and warm in the family Subaru. Not freezing on an exposed platform or finding said Subaru in our $4.75 parking space near midnight after the play.

    Tell me again why I should ride the Silver line?

    1. Because maybe we, too, will be treated to sightings of sots dropping off the escalators... Ya just never know.

  7. Maybe you shouldn't. But as a daily commuter you bet your airtanks I will. I can't wait.


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