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Monday, December 9, 2013

Wintry Mix Adds Touch of Seasonal Authenticity to Ersatz Urban Core

DSC00150Not-so-confidential Restonian Operative Robert Riendeau sent us this (seriously) lovely photo of Reston Town Center during yesterday's snow, and rather than make yet another lame joke about urban authenticity, we thought we would just sit back and enjoy this moment of appropriately tasteful seasonal magic, before it snows again tomorrow and the kids are out of school yet another day and the furnace goes out and a nearby tree commits suicide by throwing itself against the house and we discover we're running low on bread and milk and we find ourselves wishing it was July before we even get to the official start of winter. So enjoy!


  1. We went ice skating yesterday evening, and once the lights came on, there was some serious seasonal magic happening in RTC. It almost - almost - looked like Rockefeller Center.

  2. The winter whiteness helps to obliterate the tackiness of all our bollardly goodness. It almost makes one forget that RTC is just a shopping center with fewer choices than most others.

  3. Forgot to mention shoveling the lovely snow, before it melted, twice. Or the power going out, coming back, going out... Hey my Christmas lights are not intended to blink, m'kay?


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