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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Indecision 2014: Eight Seeking Three Seats on RA Board, One Spot Still Open

Election Campaign ButtonEight candidates have announced their intention to seek the three open seats on the Reston Association Board of Directors this spring. A fourth open spot, the apartment owners representative, remains open until Feb. 14.

RA Board Vice President Andy Sigle is seeking re-election to his at-large seat on the board. Challenging him for the three-year term are Reston Citizens Association President Colin Mills, Jeffery Thomas, Mason Miller, and Michael Mackert.

Two candidates are seeking the other at-large seat up for grabs this year, a one-year term to complete the term held by Donna Rostant and then John Higgins. They are former RA CEO Gerald Valloy and Rachel Muir.

The open Hunters Woods/Dogwood seat is uncontested, with Lucinda Shannon the only candidate.

Given that the last regular RA election saw unopposed candidates for all three open seats, the fact that both at-large seats are contested is a good thing. (To be fair, five people sought appointment to one seat vacated later in the year.) It's an important time in Reston, and the more debate about the RA's role in shaping its future, the better.

Read the complete candidate statements after the jump.

2014 Board of Directors Election Candidate Filings
Attached is the Reston Association Elections Committee certified list of individuals running for candidacy for the open RA Board At-Large Director seat one year term; At-Large Director seat three year term; and the Hunters Woods/Dogwood seat three year term.

At-Large Candidate (One Year Term):

1. Rachel Muir
2171 Cabots Point Lane, Reston, VA 20191
(C): 703-946-6763 E-mail:
Qualifications: (Word Count 147)
I am a candidate for the RA Board for an At-Large seat (one year term). My qualifications include:
 Over 30 years of experience in environmental science/policy and providing technical expertise, leadership and management skills addressing our Nation’s most pressing science issues such as conservation of water and wildlife and protecting human health. I work for the U.S. Geological Survey as a Science Advisor where I develop Federal, State and public-private partnerships to manage resources for the public good.
 A sustained record of leadership and technical support to our community regarding natural resource conservation and education; I have been an active voice in protecting our open spaces and creating the Nature Center.
 I have lived for over 30 years in Reston where I raised my children and have been active in community athletic activities, public schools, church and other organizations that serve the diverse needs of our community.
Goals: (Word Count 131)
 To restore and protect our communities open spaces including forests, lakes, parks and playgrounds to enhance their recreational values; protect our forests and wildlife to assure a healthy and safe environment for people;
 To assure that RA’s financial and human resources are used efficiently and make timely service to our Members our first responsibility;
 To engage RA in the Reston Master Planning process, serving Reston by promoting actions and policies that sustain and enhance our social, economic and natural resources that makes Reston a welcoming community for new and diverse businesses and residents;
 To assist in enhancing a transportation network that is efficient, safe and sustainable;
 To participate and support the key Committees within RA and to work with our partners in local
governments and volunteer organizations to meet these goals.

2. Gerald Volloy
2140 South Bay Lane, Reston, VA 20191
(C): 202-365-8363 E-mail:
Qualifications: (Word Count 144)
1. Past Reston Association CEO. Tenure characterized by major accomplishments:
 Developed RA Budgets Focused on Important Balance Between Member/Organizational Needs
and Fiscal Responsibility
 Gained Community Support for Nature House and Southgate Community Center
 Saved RA Millions by Using State Dollars for Stream Restoration
 Record of Low Annual Increases in Assessment
2. Master’s Degree in Executive Development in Public Service
3. Member, Reston Master Plan Special Study Task Force: Involving Planning on How to Accommodate
and Mitigate Impacts of Reston’s Future Development and Growth
4. Twenty-Four Years of Military Service, Commanding Two of the Largest Installations in the Air Force;
Pentagon Deputy Chief of Fighter Programs; Executive to the Under Secretary Working Total Air
Force Budget Through the Secretariat.
5. Prior Board Member of Leadership Fairfax
6. Experience: VP Program Management, LexisNexis Corporation; BAE Systems Director North American
Training Operations; Defense Security Service Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration and Logistics
Goals: (Word Count 142)
 To Earn the Respect of Reston Association Members by Involving Them in Decision Making Processes and by Clearly Communicating Rationale Behind Board Decisions.
 RA Will Incur Financial Impacts from Future Development Near and Around Reston’s Transit Station Areas. I Will Use My Corporate, Government, and Community Leadership and Management Experience to Secure Membership of Future Residential and Commercial Development in RA, Thereby Significantly Increasing Revenues, Keeping Annual Assessments at a Minimum, Ensuring High Standards of Design and Maintenance, and Protecting Reston’s Property Values.
 Fight to Ensure Reston’s Character, Natural Environment, Cohesiveness, and Sense of Community is Protected From Impacts of Reston’s Future Significant Growth and Development
 Pursue Partnerships with Commercial, Community, and Government Entities as Possible Alternatives to Either Completely or Partially Fund Organizational Initiatives.
 Unscramble—for our Members—the mish-mash of Reston Community Organizations: Defining Responsibilities/Roles and Membership Served of Each.

At Large Candidates (Three Year Term):

1. Michael Mackert
11088 Thrush Ridge Road, Reston, VA 20191
(C): 703-350-3958 E-mail:
Qualifications: (Word Count 129)
I am an active member of the Reston Community and have lived in Reston for nearly 6 years (Northern Virginia 26 years). Public service has always been an important part of my life. I served 21 years in federal law enforcement and now as an active volunteer in our community. I have volunteered in various Reston recreational activities including assisting in planning the inaugural Reston Marathon, the Reston Triathlon and the Reston Runners Women’s Distance Festival. I have also done volunteer work with FACETS and the Fairfax County hypothermia project to assist our homeless as well as with the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. I have a depth of experience working with diverse groups and personalities, managing projects, leading groups, and managing financial resources from my career in law enforcement.
Goals: (Word Count 92)
My goals, if elected, can be summarized simply as preserving the quality of life we’ve come to enjoy and expect as Restonians. I will advocate for smart growth as Reston comes under increased pressure from developers and land grabbers with the opening of the Reston Metro. I will fight to preserve our green spaces and amenities and to increase facilities in a fiscally responsible way as the inevitability of a growing Reston comes to fruition. I will strive to minimize the impact of growth without stifling it. I thank you for your support.

2. Mason Miller
2027 Lakebreeze Way. Reston, VA 20191
(C): 703-626-5532 E-mail:
Qualifications: (Word Count 139)
My name is Mason Miller and I have lived in Reston for 38 years.
I have raised two children in Reston; I also have a teenage stepson who spends quite a bit of time here. For the last 19 years I have been a web application developer, and prior to that was a Reston-based commercial and residential real estate broker. My company is located in Reston, just a mile and a half away from home. Three of our four employees can walk to work.
One of my unique qualifications is the fact that I have lived in Lake Anne Village, Hunters Woods Village, Tall Oaks Village and South Lakes Village. I understand the attractions and challenges presented in all of these areas, as well as those in North Point Village. I will offer a well-reasoned voice on the board, having a comprehensive understanding of Reston’s villages.
Goals: (Word Count 149)
Reston is at a pivotal point in its history. We are slated to add around twenty thousand households to Reston based on proposed modifications to the Reston Master Plan. Part of our growth will be new residential homes that will be built as part of the exciting revitalization of Lake Anne. Additional growth will be centered around the new Metro station.
It is not clear whether these numerous new households will be made a part of Reston Association, Reston Town Center Association, or neither of these groups. It is critical that we continue to push the county to make sure that these new Restonians are included in one of these associations. I would lobby Fairfax County to require more recreational facilities for these new residents, to be constructed with developers’ dollars via proffers.
I will labor to preserve Reston’s reputation as the best place to live, work and play.

3. Colin Mills
1932B Villaridge Drive, Reston, VA 20191
(C): 703-608-6049 E-mail:
Qualifications: (Word Count 150)
I am a native Restonian. I’ve always treasured Bob Simon’s founding principles and the recreational amenities, environmental beauty, and diverse community that Reston has to offer. I’ve sought to continue Reston’s tradition of involved citizens. I’ve served 8 years on the Reston Citizens Association board, including 21⁄2 years as President. I spent 5 years on the RCC Board of Governors. I also served proudly as Bob Simon’s alternate on the Reston Master Plan Task Force.
My life provides me with a unique combination: I am well aware of Reston’s history and how it has grown and changed over the years, but I also bring a young person’s perspective on the community’s future. As a community leader, I’ve gained a deep knowledge of Reston issues, especially transportation, land use planning, and parks and recreation. I’ve shown I can work together with other community leaders and groups to better serve our community.
Goals: (Word Count 140)
Reston is at a key moment in its history; we need to ensure Reston can remain vibrant and thriving while retaining its essential character and the qualities that make it special. Here’s how I’d like to help the RA board accomplish that:
1. Improve RA’s two-way communication with the citizens. Focus on keeping Restonians informed and really listening to what they have to say. Hold more community forums and listening events.
2. Ensure that we budget for repairs and replacements to our aging infrastructure. Make sure that we spend our existing resources wisely, to minimize future assessment hikes.
3. Help RA take the lead in implementing a citizen-driven process for Phase 2 of Reston’s Master Plan, focused on reimagining our village centers, protecting our residential neighborhoods, and becoming a sustainable community.
4. Work with RCA to restart Reston’s Sister City relationship with Nyeri, Kenya.

4. Andy Sigle
2715 Soapstone Drive, Reston, VA 20191
(C): 703-888-8744 E-mail:
Qualifications: (Word Count 142)
It has been a privilege to serve on the RA Board. I believe my experience as a business leader in the telecommunications industry, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and the knowledge and relationships built through local volunteer activities have created a powerful foundation to address the issues facing our community.
Highlights from recent experiences that strengthen my qualifications are:
 3 year membership on the RA Fiscal committee and leadership on recent updates to the RA budgeting processes
 Service as the RA representative on the County-led Phase 1 Reston Master Plan Task Force
 2 Years as Board VP, which opened the door for me to work more closely with fellow Board
members, RA staff, RCA and ARCH leadership, and our Fairfax County Supervisor
 Host of the Reston Today community news program
 Participation in the current class of the Leadership Fairfax program
Goals: (Word Count 146)
In my second term, I want to build on accomplishments of my first. These include the installation of lights on the Brown’s Chapel #1 baseball field, restructuring the financial processes into separate Operating and Repair/Replacement budgets while keeping assessments on a reasonable trajectory, and representing RA goals on the County-led Phase 1 Reston Master Plan Task Force.
While the challenges we face are certainly different from those of the past, I believe our founding principles should continue to be the measure by which we set our policies. With these principles in mind, I would continue to focus the Board and Staff on implementable goals:
 Develop, optimize and allocate financial resources to sustain and enhance the Association’s physical infrastructure
 Establish relationships and procedures that enhance the Association’s influence in the (re)development of our community
 Increase engagement with the overall community to accurately understand and represent Reston’s interests

5. Jeffrey Thomas
11310 Myrtle Lane, Reston, VA 20191
(C): 703-391-2546 E-mail:
Qualifications: (Word Count 139)
Over the past 43 years, I have been privileged to experience Reston across all the phases of my life – as a child, parent, and now an “Old Restonian.” Along the way, I have gained a deep and lasting appreciation for all the things that make Reston so unique – its amenities, its residents, its values. I believe my many years as a Reston resident, my involvement in the community, and my professional skills will enable me to bring an experienced and common sense approach to the RA Board.
Community Leadership:
 Member: RA Parks and Planning Advisory Committee
 Member: Board of Directors, Reston Little League (5 years as president)
 Cub/Boy Scout leader
 Coach, Reston Little League
 25 years professional experience
 Policy Development
 Budgeting/Strategic Planning
 Master Public Administration, George Washington University
 BS Public Administration, George Mason University
 Graduate, South Lakes HS
Goals: (Word Count 119)
Preserve What Makes Reston – Reston
 Ensure Reston’s values and vision remain the focus of Board deliberations and decisions
 Align community investments and resources with the goals and aspirations of our members
 Improve community outreach to support informed decision-making by the Board
Advocate for Member Interests During Times of Dramatic Change
 Ensure Reston’s voice is heard and its engagements with partners and local representatives are effective in shaping changes to our community
 Leverage evolving opportunities to benefit our members
 Protect and defend Reston’s values, community resources, and unique history
Promote Responsible Stewardship of RA
 Promote sound program and fiscal management to maximize member investments
 Ensure community investments promote sustained and increasing property values across our
community, consistent with our values

Hunters Woods/Dogwood District Candidate:

1. Lucinda Shannon
11593 Red Leaf Court, Reston, VA 20191
(C): 413-219-1748 E-mail:
Qualifications: (Word Count 148)
My background and experience are ideally suited to evaluate and develop effective programs for sustainable growth, especially for the challenges of development around the new Silver Line. I will use the innovative examples I see in my professional life to promote healthy living, multi-modal transportation, local businesses, and a sense of pride in Reston.
 Volunteer with the Fairfax Area Mobility & Transportation Committee, Reston for a Lifetime, Reston Useful Service Exchange, and Virginia German Shepherd Rescue.
 Master’s degree in Public Policy and Administration.
 Over 10 years of experience providing technical support on livability, transportation, aging, and
disability policy working with local agencies, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Interagency Partnership for Sustainable Communities to develop coalitions to improve transportation.
 Experienced in fostering collaboration and open communication.
My husband and I moved to Reston in 2007. We specifically selected Reston, because of its unique
characteristics and founding principles.
Goals: (Word Count 141)
The RA has an opportunity to be a leader by demonstrating what innovative planning and strategic use of combined resources can do for its Members.
 Promote sustainable development policies with an interest in preserving and enhancing the founding principles and character that make Reston a desirable community.
 Assure that RA’s financial and human resources are used efficiently and effectively to preserve and enhance our community and serve our Members well.
 Cultivate a diverse transportation network that serves all Members of our community.
Reston is set apart from other communities. We have more tree cover, better pathways and public transit, less traffic, and more public space. With the arrival of rail, we have an opportunity to leverage our assets, enhance our community, and continue to stand apart as an example of thoughtful planning for the benefit of all Members of our community.


  1. mason miller sounds good

  2. Unless I missed it nobody said anything about DRB. If the new development gets a pass on DRB approval, everybody should. Otherwise, they are just bullies picking on the little kids. Whatever happened to the big brooha over by South Lakes where they homeowner hired a DRB member? Anything?

    1. I couldn't agree with you more. RA and the DRB seems to be impotent in their ability to curb the butt ugly monstrosities that the developers want to build, but let one of the homeowners decide to paint their house a slight different shade of muave or, heaven forbid, put an addition on their home, and you would think that a mortal sin had been committed.


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