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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Indecision 2013: Five Seek Appointment to Vacant RA Board Seat (Updated)

Election 13.jpegFive Reston residents have stepped forward to fill the Hunters Woods/Dogwood Reston Association board seat left vacant by Cheryl Beamer, who resigned at the end of last month. They are:

According to this verbose bit of legalese, complete with the requisite "whereases," the RA Board will appoint one of the five candidates, who will serve until the next annual election, at its meeting on Thursday.

Given that the last election saw unopposed candidates for all three open board seats, we're glad that so many people are interested in vying for what can be a thankless job. Here's hoping this level of interest carries over to the next election, lest we see another Soviet-style ballot, the end.

Update: Welcome Ellen Graves, your newly appointed RA Board member.


  1. May the best sycophant win.

  2. Write in Mickey Mouse so the RA will be forced to annex Disneyland.

    1. We should write in Great Falls. Can you imagine the class struggle that would create?

    2. Only between South Reston and Great Falls.


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