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Monday, February 11, 2013

And Then There Were Three: RA Elections Now All Unopposed, Comrades

Peasant elections.jpegHey, remember that time when five candidates were running for three open seats on the Reston Association Board of Directors? Yeah, that was awesome. First, John Farrell withdrew his candidacy for the at-large seat because he was unaware he was running for the same seat as current board member Ken Kneuven. Now, Larry Dunn has withdrawn his candidacy for the North Point seat, leaving Timothy Cohn running unopposed there -- and candidates for the other two open seats unopposed as well.

That's too bad. We like contested elections because they're great for pageviews allow for a conversation about where Reston is headed. The stakes are obviously high, and now even higher with beet quotas rising in the next five-year plan a change coming in the CEO's office. Let's just hope the soon-to-be-elected and current board members are prepared for the work ahead.


  1. What if they gave an election and everyone withdrew from voting?

    Just askin'

  2. And remember, Restonians, vote early and vote often


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