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Friday, February 8, 2013

Matthews To Step Down As RA CEO

Milton.gifWe noticed an oblique "web log" reference to this yesterday, and now it's official: Reston Association CEO Milton Matthews is leaving his job on Sept. 30.

Here's the Reston Association statement, which is the kind of late-Friday news dump those of us in the Washington, D.C. media (if you consider a crappy blog part of the "Washington, D.C. media") have grown accustomed to:

The Reston Association Board of Directors announced that Milton W. Matthews will be leaving as CEO of the Reston Association later this year. On Thursday, Matthews announced his departure plans to the Association’s senior leadership team.

In the latter part of 2012, Matthews informed the Board of his intentions to move to Rockville, Md., in 2013; as his wife had accepted a position there as city manager – a position with a residency requirement.

The Bylaws of the Association require that its CEO be a resident and Member of the Association; as such, the Board initiated discussions with Matthews on a transition plan. Under that plan, Matthews will continue to serve as CEO until Sept. 30 of this year. The Board has initiated a search for a new CEO and is optimistic that it will name a successor to Matthews later this year. In the meantime, the Board has a high level of confidence in the staff’s ability to keep the Association operating smoothly.
Fortunately for Matthews, Rockville has its own Fake Downtown, if not all of Reston's groovy earth-toned charm. We wish him well.


  1. Poor Rockville --- at least you will get a fancy-schmancy office block for your new "manager."

    Meanwhile, this doofus, Milton Matthews, leaves Reston with a white elephant office space twice as big as is needed and costing many millions more than we should have paid.

  2. It might be useful to give the new CEO a trial period before he or she gets their full salary--so we can tell if they can do simple arthimetic. You know, how to balance a budget without dipping into the repair and replacement reserves every year.

    And, of course, we would like the new person to actually do the job they are hired for--looking out for the interests of the homeowners.

  3. What exactly did he do anyway? What were the duties of the CEO? (Strains of nowhere man float eerily through the ether)

    1. A man whose presence was never felt--except in the pocketbooks of homeowners...

    2. See the first response --- he stuck us for the Reston Taj Mahal -- an ugly building in the middle of nowhere that's hard to get to.

      Meanwhile, Lake Anne continues to fester and decay while Reston Town Center (which, of course, is not even part of Reston) booms and benefits.

      He was WAY, WAY overpaid and earned over $300k including salaries and benefits. He was paid more than most of the (outrageously) overpaid Fairfax County employees with ten or twenty times the responsibilities.

      And, of course, we have many festering, decaying "neighborhoods" especially in South Reston where the covenants police never seem to visit and the eyesore cheap housing stock devalues everyone's property.

      What a disaster he's been leading a gutless incompetent board of directors that let him get away with it.

    3. Again, it's the BOARD that's supposed to lead the CEO, not the other way around. If that's not the way it's panned out, then shame on the board -- and the people who voted for them.

  4. To be fair, a CEO who reports to an elected board is SUPPOSED to be invisible. It's the Board that is supposed to set policies and be the public face of the organization. The CEO is supposed to carry the wishes of the board out, ideally without overshadowing his bosses.

    Any complaints about the direction, or lack thereof, of the RA, should be directed at its board of directors.

  5. Perhaps in the spirit of fiscal responsibility and sequestration, we not replace him and save that 10% of the budget...if he has been so invisible, and folks are upset about what he has NOT done, then perhaps it's not necessary to pay someone big bucks to fill that position?

  6. First Milt Matthews, now the Pope. What's the world coming to?

    Here's an idea. How about Benedict XVI and Milt trade places? The announcement can be made from the balcony of RA headquarters to the throng of anxious Restonians milling about below:

    "Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum... habemus novum CEO Restonis!"

    And I think Milt will look swell in gold robes.

    1. That's all OK, but his Vatican residence would have to be in Rockville where his wife will be manager.

      ...and the commute's a bitch!

    2. No problem, we just edit the Holy Book a bit, appropriately enough from the Gospel of (Milton) Matthew, 16:18

      "And upon this Rockville I will build my church."

  7. Plus, Pope Milton will have his very own DRB, the Damnation Review Board


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