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Friday, April 5, 2013

Suburbanites of the World, Unite (or at Least Vote)!

vote.jpegGood morning, Comrades! Did you enjoy your morning coffee whilst staring outside at the yard "common area" through your appropriately toned window treatments? Then do your civic duty and vote in the unopposed Reston Association Board elections before today's 5pm deadline! If we don't get 99.9 percent participation the required 10 percent quorum, the capitalist oppressors Sterling wins!

Seriously, let's do this. We'd hate to see our annual assessment go up yet again because they wind up having to redo this whole election thing and shovel more money to the "counting agents," whoever they are.

Information on how to vote "on-line" here. If you feel the need to be informed, like an actual voter, here are the official candidate statements, also in handy video form.

1 comment:

  1. Translation:

    For the Motherland
    For Stalin
    For Peace/World
    For Communism

    Dobropozhaluvat na Narodnuyu Respubliku Restona
    (Welcome to the People's Republic of Reston)


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