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Monday, April 8, 2013

Flashback Monday: At Tall Oaks, It's Back to the Future


Please to be enjoying this still from a fancy home video taken at a Tall Oaks festival way back in 1974, decades before our favorite stucco shopping center was transformed into the wasteland (albeit a wasteland with excellent restaurants) it is today. Aside from the matching do-rags, it's looking like a pretty rad "jam session," as the kids back then might have said except for the word "rad", right? Let's check out the massive, retail center-sustaining crowd:

The more things change…

...the more they stay the same. Except for the grocery store shopping cart being put into service as a makeshift ottoman. You wouldn't find one of those there today.

You might hate the cultural wasteland that was the 70s. But you've gotta admit that you love the hat and that… mink stole thing Bearded Man #2 has jauntily draped over his shoulder. Bet he draped that over the driver's seat of his bitchin' Camaro on his way home from the gig, the end.

(Shout out to the Reston, Remember When Facebook page.)


  1. How can you regard the 70's as a cultural wasteland? No, I mean besides the way you dressed, Restonian! Remember: for every John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John movie soundtrack there was a genuine Steely Dan LP!


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