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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reston Infrastructure: $9.2 Million Down, $95.8 Million to Go

simcity.jpegAs we consider all the awesome Cheesecake Factories mixed-use development that will be following the Metro to Reston, one thing that everyone's acknowledged is that we'll need more of what those government nerds like to call "infrastructure" -- stuff like roads, sidewalks, and, if you're of the French persuasion, bicycle lanes.

And the good news is that between development proffers, grants and regional funds, we've got $9.2 million in the bank for that kind of stuff -- which ought to be enough to at least buy some nice bike lane stencils, a few cans of white paint, and a couple of those PEDESTRIAN CROSSING signs.

The bad news? A 2008 study says that Reston will need a total of $105 million to cover the infrastructure needs around the Metro stations.

Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins told attendees at the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce lunch Wednesday that there needs to be nearly $105 million (in 2007 dollars, as the initial consultant's report on this was completed in 2008) in place to make necessary infrastructure changes in the areas close to the Metro stations.

So far, the county has $1.2 million in proffers, $4 million in grants and has requested another $4 million in regional funds through the Virginia Department of Transportation, said Hudgins.

She added she is confident more money will become available through commercial and industrial tax as buildings round the Metro are built.

"We need more sidewalks and we need more bike lanes," said Hudgins. "The next priority is transit within Reston. We are heavy transit users here. But we have not reached the capacity of demand of riders in our community. Waiting an hour or a half hour for a bus - that is not a bus anyone wants to take."
There's no provision in Virginia law that says these kinds of needs have to be funded before development occurs. Guess it's time to start checking under the cushions on our couches.


  1. Wait a minute. Are fanciful concrete bollards part of that $9.2 million? If so, they'd better be pretty damn fanciful.

  2. What did Hudgins during her terms to contribute? Waste public funds in Section 8 housing. Shame on her!

  3. Hah. The BoS will be lucky to get even half of that even in 2010 dollars. The BoS will do like they always do, bend over and allow the developers to have their way with them, and maybe ask for a cigarette and a light once they've finished. The only question is, what kind of lubricant they're going to use as they ravish our communities, or will the BoS even make them bother with the Vaseline.

    No Growth is Smart Growth.

  4. The only roads that will alleviate the traffic coming with increased development are roads that span the Dulles Toll Road. Paul Goldberger, the architecture critic for the New Yorker who was recently here speaking to the task force, said in order for Reston to be urbanized there will need to be a crossing (bridge) over the Toll Road every quarter mile. You know, like a real city.

    Bridges cost between $80 and 100 million each. We need four or five. The only one planned is the Soapstone Connector and that isn't scheduled to be built until 2035.

    Hudgins says we should all walk.

    Will sanity prevail? Stay tuned...

  5. Hudgins is an embarrassment.


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