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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creeping Socialism Alert! Paris-Like Bike-Sharing Program Could Come to Reston

2639929_2442c95f1e_m.jpegA fancy bicycle sharing program expected to launch in D.C. and Arlington this fall could expand to Reston if it gets a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Capital Bikeshare, which will launch this fall with about 1,100 bikes for use on a vaguely Zipcar-like model, is looking at adding another 100 in an undisclosed location in Reston if the grant comes through. Maybe they'll have bikes on both ends of the fabulous Personal Injury Lawyers Road Velodrome, so cyclists can zip back and forth to the delight of the newly dieted motorists!

In any case, if this happens, Reston will be just like the Paris of the Northern hemisphere, only with more earth tones and fewer sidewalk cafes. Fortunately, right-thinking politicians are bravely pointing out the dangers of such schemes, and we, for one, salute them. You can have my privately owned and maintained fixed-gear bike when you pry it from my cold dead fingers, Pierre!

All of this is conjecture at this point, as Capital Bikeshare hasn't even launched in DC yet. But it does give us an excuse to post this video for the 93rd time:

As the Capital Bikeshare site helpfully suggests, "wear a helmet."


  1. Mon capitan - ze only ting wrong wit zis foto of child on bike iz le poison ivy would get on ze french bread! Que horrible!

  2. How about between Fairway Apts (the new one proposed) and the metro station, no other way to get the new residents out of their cars to Town Center.

  3. To complete the Paris-like atmosphere, Muslim mobs will come boiling out of Fairway apartments and light some Priuses on fire.


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