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Friday, November 19, 2010

This and That: A Random Turkey Trot Around Reston News

  • Tennis enthusiasts flocked to last night's Reston Association board meeting to urge the RA to move forward on a referendum on the awesome $3.8 million juice-bar free indoor tennis facility proposed for Lake Newport. Were their (ahem) volleys successful?
    RA president Kathleen Driscoll McKee says given the current budget, the message might have to be "not 'no,' just 'not now.' "

    "We are concerned about success of a referendum," she said. "Does it make sense for us to spend $75,000 if it stands a chance of not being successful? This [budget situation] may not be the reality in two years, but right now, the board does not feel ready to go to referendum and have a successful result."
    Would that be love-40? Match point? Or Yahtzee? God help us, we don't understand tennis.

  • The fancy new Metro station coming to Wiehle Avenue will have rad 80s art and, eventually, an awesome civic plaza. But you know what's still missing? Security measures.
    The missing security features, which will probably increase the project's cost, were identified in a triennial audit by the Tri-State Oversight Committee, a regional panel that oversees safety at Metro. Released last month, the nearly 300-page report noted dozens of problems at Metro, but it also highlighted the lapse in planning for the new rail line to include the "additional processes, design features, and equipment necessary in a 'post-9/11' environment."
    We recommend a couple of those fun nekkid scanners everyone seems to be so happy about.

  • Both the principal and assistant principal at Armstrong Elementary have been reassigned to other county schools. You'd think that removing a school's entire leadership team in the middle of the year might be an ill omen, but then you'd be forgetting this is one of the astronaut schools and everything is totally fine.

  • How's this for an awkward correction from the newspaper iPad app of record?

  • After a truck hit the Beulah Road bridge over the Toll Road earlier in the week, the bridge has remained closed, blocking a handy overland route to Tysons that avoids the Toll Road, if not about a million "traffic calming" measures closer to "Fairfax County's downtown." Hunter Mill Supervisor Catherine Hudgins wants VDOT to replace the bridge, which was rated structurally deficient even before the collision. No word on whether VDOT will reach into its pockets and pull out a shiny dubloon or two to do this as of yet.

  • A lot of associations are headquartered in Reston, including the one that oversees the vaunted Meat Industry Hall of Fame, which has been awarded to McDonald's Ray Croc and a bunch of Canadians. Um, yay meat?

  • Robert Hansan of Reston won $137,000 at the Breeder's Cup Betting handicapping Challenge at Churchill Downs.

  • South Lakes High School graduate Grant Hill reminisces about his time in Reston. Meanwhile, there's a nice profile about current SLHS gridiron star Ja'Juan Jones and his brother Rashaan, both of whom spent time in homeless shelters growing up. But when it comes to real sporting matches, Lawrence Jones of Reston takes the cake, losing a close 38-37 decision to Alexandria's Brandon Quarles in the junior middleweight category at the Patriot Center on Nov. 7. We're not 100 percent sure, but this sounds like boxing to us. Um, Yahtzee?

  • Darius Nichols, who grew up in Reston, played the role of Hud, the "sensuous, omnisexual wild child" in the Kennedy Center production of Hair. We knew Reston was a bit more freewheeling in the 1960s, but we had no idea!

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  1. Re: the awkward correction. Well Golly, they call it Reston TOWN wonder people get confused!


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