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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Confusing Map Shows Where to Catch Fairfax Connector Buses Once Metro Construction Begins, Assuming We Can Figure Out the Difference Between 'Alight' and 'Board'


Flash forward to Nov. 29. The first day of work after the Thanksgiving holiday, you'll likely be tired, almost on autopilot as you zip down Wiehle, jockeying with speeding Loudoun County cut-through commuters on the way to the park and ride lot to catch the 595 or 597 to the Pentagon or Crystal Pepsi City. Only the bus won't be there, as the construction that will ultimately close the lot in the spring will have begun the day before, swallowing whole some 200-odd parking spaces in the process. And the bus stops for the 595 and 597 will have moved up to the "Reston North Park and Ride Lot," which actually isn't in North Reston, but around the corner and across the street on Sunset Hills Road on the way to the craft nirvana of Michaels. And if you figure all that out, it's time to look at this helpful map and figure out whether you're "boarding" or "alighting." Be sure to bring a dictionary. And some strong coffee.

Worried about finding space to park at Reston North, which is basically a thin strip of distressed school buses along the W&OD? Connector officials suggest trying Reston South, which is at Reston Parkway and Fox Mill, where bus service to the West Falls Church Metro will actually double starting Nov. 28. Or park at Baron Cameron Park, where 50 spaces will be designated for commuter use (as opposed to say, dog park use) and take the 554 to West Falls Church. Or maybe "take a neighborhood bus from your home rather than driving to the park and ride." We suggest skipping the intermediary step and simply not leaving the house, but that's just us.

All of these ch-ch-ch-changes will keep us busy until Feb. 27, when the Wiehle park and ride lot closes completely as construction on the fancy Metro garage begins in earnest and all bus service and parking is shifted to a fancy temporary lot across Reston Parkway near Targetville, at which point we'll just take up hitchhking, the end.


  1. Yep, Restonians, you should use the outlying parking facilities so that the LoCo's can have the prime spots at our P&Rs.

    Here's a question for you. If LoCo is the wealthiest (per capita) county in the Commonwealth, why do they not have a bus system that rivals our own? Other than fares, which surely don't cover the entire cost of the trip, does LoCo pay any portion of the Connector's costs?

  2. Sounds a lot like dc asking "if people who live in Ffx Cty get to use everything in DC, why shouldn't we charge a commuter tax?



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