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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Other Shoe Drops: Wiehle Park-and-Ride Lot Closures Begin in November

151801890.jpgEver since the awesome Wiehle Metro station development was approved, we've been anxiously counting the days until we can stroll through its canyon-like crawlspace civic plaza, enjoying the decorative mushrooms and fungus without fear of getting sunburned. At the same time, we knew that the days of the Seventh Wonder of Reston, the unending sea of cars at the Wiehle park and ride lot, were numbered.

Now we know when. The first 200 spaces at the park and ride lot will close in late November, as utility work begins on the Wiehle Metro station. Don't worry about fighting with coffee-addled Loudoun commuters fellow motorists over the remaining 620 spaces for too long, though, as they'll all be gone by March.

The construction project is expected to require closing of approximately 200 of 820 parking spaces on or about Nov. 28 for preliminary utility work.

Construction is not expected to be fully active until March 2011, at which time all 820 parking spaces will be closed until work is completed on a new 2,300-space Metrorail parking facility.

The county is actively looking for additional parking spaces and will post additional parking options on the Fairfax Connector Web site as they are confirmed.

There is discussion that when the spaces are closed, the lot may be moved to an interim location at the northeast quadrant of Sunset Hill Road and Reston Parkway. That will be a topic of a presentation by Fairfax County at the next Reston Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on Monday.
Or they could always try expanding the South Reston Park and Ride lot. Who could possibly object to that?


  1. So, which do you think it's going to be: 200 more people picking up the bus at home or 200 more people just saying "Screw it. I'll drive to work until they get this mess straightened out."?

    Makes me glad I ride a bicycle, carpool or just take the bus from home.

  2. Looks like if I want my driving commute to stay reasonable, I'll need to be picking up 3 slugs instead of my usual one. Anyone want to slug from Barton Hill and Sunrise Valley at 7:40?

  3. Oops - I should have said: Anyone want to slug from Barton Hill and Sunrise Valley at 7:40 to Federal Triangle.

  4. Finally-- something that could attract business at Lake Anne. :-)

  5. Lake Anne is dead. Whenever I walk into that place I feel like I've stepped out of a time machine. Like I was back in the 60's or such. The architecture of that place and those drab colors just depress me. And the fake post office they have in that pharmacy, what's up with that?

  6. The post office is one of Reston's true hidden gems.


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