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Monday, January 1, 2024

Another Year, Yet Another Reston Hot/Not List

Well, 2023 has departed not with a bang, but the quiet whisper of a jet-age air conditioning system possibly shutting down forever, or even more dramatically, going co-op. But somehow, this filthy "web log" is still cranking along on little more than tepid lake water and dreams after all these years, so it's time yet again for the Official Restonian On Your Side News You Can Use I-Team List of What's In and What's Out for 2024 (tm). Accept no substitutes!


99-story condos on golf courses
99-story casinos

Lake cooled air
Seizing the means of production (of tepid lake water), or crossing fingers for an unseasonably cool spring, summer, fall, Indian summer, and that one week in late January where everyone wears shorts

Algae blooms in lakes
Algae blooms in creeks, streams, and our bathtubs
Memories of functional mass transit

Jumping off tall buildings

Jumping to conclusions
Lake Anne studiesLake Anne structural repairs
Nextdoor posts about horses running wildNextdoor posts about Nextdoor posters
Waiting for the long-overdue W&OD trail bridge over Wiehle

Conspiracy theories
Comprehensive plans

Canceling "web loggers" who use the word "mauvetacular"

The usual HOA greetings
Waiting for everything else to close

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