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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Reston-Style Holiday Cheer From the RA And CVS. Wait, What?


Along with the usual exquisitely timed holiday cheer invariably sent by our BFFs at the Reston Association just days before Christmas (why?), some of us might be lucky enough to get another seasonally appropriate Reston document delivered to our mailboxes by uniformed federal agents. Check it, as the kids probably never said, except on TV shows depicting too-cool-for-school teens portrayed by actors in their early 30s:

According to the eagle-eyed Twitter user Xer who posted it, these festive cards are available at CVS, and they sure seem like a perfect way to send a little passive-aggressive cheer to your neighbor who hasn't fixed the peeling paint on their party wall since Gerald Ford was stumbling around the White House, the end.

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