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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Frankie Comes Back From Hollywood: Reston Co-Op Tries to Ensure RELAC Will Live To Pump Tepid Lake Water Another Day

Great news for fans of tepid lake water, jet-age technology and not being overly cold during the hot summer months: after announcing it would cease operations last month, RELAC has announced it has been subsumed by a cooperative of Reston homeowners, which is at the same time good news and the most Reston-y thing since our community's earliest residents formed their own socialist bus service to get to their strapping-bombs-to-dolphins jobs closer to civilization. 

Give us some good seizing-the-means-of-production blockquote, BFFs at Patch:

As Board members of HOA's under RELAC services, we are pleased to announce a significant development that holds great promise for our community. Yesterday, an exclusive Memorandum of Understanding between the Directors of Reston RELAC LLC, the service entity RELAC, and Simon McKeown as Steering Committee Chair was signed, marking a crucial step towards addressing the operational and managerial concerns related to the service currently known as RELAC.

The MOU establishes the foundation for a carefully structured community-owned entity that will assume responsibility for the management and operation of the RELAC service. This cooperative model is designed to enhance efficiency, transparency, and community engagement, ensuring that the RELAC service will remain operational and provide a service designed in the best interests of all residents, as well as commercial clients.

Clusters of the world, unite!  You have nothing to lose but your chilled air.

The next step is a series of town hall meetings with impacted clusters. The service has a longstanding list of challenges, many of which were enumerated in RELAC's closing announcement, but kudos to the folks who took quick action to try to keep the system running pumping water. 

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