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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: TikTok Tunneler Unearths Bigger Problems Than the DRB

You know, if someone told us that a local homeowner got in trouble for making  unapproved modifications to their residence and broadcasting it to the world via TikTok, we would have assumed it was a fellow Restonian using white stone or red mulch and called it a day.  But they do things bigger in our neighbor to the west! Give us some alarming underground blockquote, BFFs at ActionMcNews On Your Side:

A Virginia woman is gaining notoriety online after documenting a home project of digging a tunnel underneath her suburban home... In response to the tunnel digging, FOX 5 received an email from the town of Herndon and a spokesperson said the town received notice of activity of potential violation of the Uniform Statewide Building Code that was occurring at a residential property within the town’s corporate limits.

"As is standard protocol following such notifications, representatives from the building official’s and zoning administrator’s offices conducted a site inspection on Thursday, December 7, 2023. The town is working with the property owner to correct any violations and ensure that the property is safe and in compliance with the code," an email to FOX 5 read.

Rumor has it that TikToker "Kala," better known as @engineer.everything, was outed by a shot of the Reston Home Depot in one of her videos, so there is what we in the "web logging" business like to call "a local angle." But we can only imagine what would happen if someone in Reston started building an underground bunker beneath their 1970s townhouse: A sternly worded letter from the DRB stressing that they must use T1-11 pressed plywood for the support beams and historically appropriate furnishings (a brass cage for the canary), the end.

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  1. All the crap we talk about Herndon never ceases to be proven accurate.


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