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Monday, March 8, 2021

Starbuckspocalypse Now: Reston Spectrum Coffee Purveyor Cannot Live By Containers Alone

Pour one a $5 double tall venti latte Americano chai tea, or whatever the kids are calling Sanka these days, out for the Reston Spectrum Starbucks, which recently closed.

Six years after the most tragic business closure in Reston history, yet another beloved midscale chain location is following in the footsteps of upsold service plans and those paper iPad thingies. Only containers remain in that corner of our favorite big box retailapalooza, whose days are certainly numbered at some point as well.

A sign on the door of the closed Starbucks asks people to visit the location in North Point Village Center -- where way back in the early oughts there were once two Starbuckses less than two venti cups away from each other -- the location that still stands, and one inside the Giant. We're definitely getting old, but man, these kids today don't know how good we used to have it, the end.

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