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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Contain Yourself: Shrine to Reston's Lost Literacy Opens Sept. 21 (Updated)

Container Store.jpg
Not since the heady days of Studio 54 has an invite been so sought after, and who wouldn't want to sip perfectly chilled champagne and dance whilst enjoying the intoxicating aroma of offgassing plastic storage solutions? Sadly, as Responsible Journalists Linkalists, we can't share the "deets," as the kids today no longer say, about this exclusive preview party… or the even more exclusive special "web logger" preview we were personally invited to, because we are awesome come up somewhere on the first page of a Google search of "Reston blogs."

But we digress. For the rest of you unwashed proles, the Un-Bookstore opens on Saturday, Sept. 21. Nicely, a percentage of sales from the grand opening will go to Cornerstones, which is the new name for Reston Interfaith. And since Reston still no longer has its own bookstore, and the nearby library is, shall we say, facing some unpleasantness, we'll be there, looking for dumpster-sized containers for their castoffs, the end.

Update: At great personal risk, Confidential Restonian Operative "Ed" shares this cellular telephone photo snapped from inside the adjoining Starbucks, proving that we'll continue to have unfettered access to caffeinated products whilst shopping for knife cozies, or whatever plastic items one would expect to find in the kitchen container aisle, the end.



  1. What kind of outfit do you wear to this upscale Tupperware party? Saran Wrap?

  2. Now I can buy a container for all those books I bought at B&N.

  3. Considering that Reston is a byproduct of the petrochemical industry having our own plasticy Container Store seems to fit the town rather well.

    God forbid that they install charging stations for electric cars...


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