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Friday, August 29, 2014

Reston: The Magazine: Truth in Advertising?

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After uniformed federal agents delivered the latest copy of Reston: The Magazine to Restonian World Headquarters, we confess to being a bit confused about the choice of cover imagery. Not even our years of postdoctoral studies in semiotics at one of the Caribbean's finer online institutions of higher learning were any help in "unpacking" this image. So far as we know, Reston has not recently annexed a major, crustacean-laden body of water, unless this, like other mystery objects that have recently surfaced on Reston shores, is a sign that maybe the pH levels of our lakes need a soup├žon of tweaking. Or, after a year in which people have groused about dogs, memorial gardens, obscure Italian sports, the impact of the multibillion-dollar-gift that is the Silver Line, the Metro raising property values, the Metro not raising property values, smokers, hunters, rodents, robots, robocalls, and dogs again, perhaps the folks at Reston: The Magazine decided a bunch of crabs, combined with the tagline "Together, We Make Reston Great," was a perfectly appropriate image to encapsulate our earth-toned community, the end.


  1. Virginia is for lovers, Reston is for crabs.

  2. Wow. Reminds me of a girlfriend I once had.


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