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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Robocalls and Facebook Ads: RA Board Campaign Gets Campaign-Like

RobotThis may be a first: As the contested campaign for seats on the Reston Association Board continues, several Confidential Restonian Operatives -- and even your favorite "web logger" -- have all received robo-calls promoting at least one candidate, Jeff Thomas.

In an astounding (and, frankly, quite exhausting) feat of investigative journalism (thumbing through the Caller ID records at Restonian World Headquarters), we've determined they come from POLLRSRCH13, a third-party telemarking firm.

But that's not all! While frantically reloading our Facebook feed for the latest news about our Internet BFFs' Farmville crops, we stumbled across this:

RA Board advertising

Maybe we've just missed it in the past, but to the best of our knowledge, this is the first time in recent memory that RA Board candidates are actually acting like... well, candidates and advertising. On the one hand, that speaks to the good news that the RA elections are actually contested this time around. There's a lot at stake for Reston, and the more people who want to be involved, the better. On the other hand, robo-calls? Facebook ads? We need to keep our phone lines open for lucrative offers on long-distance service and our Facebook feeds clear for important updates from filthy "web logs," thank you very much.

You can see a video of all the RA board candidates, plus a pretty sweet floor lamp, here.


  1. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonMarch 11, 2014 at 11:21 AM

    Those robo-calls are exactly the reason I am NOT voting for Jeff Thomas.

  2. But which candidate is going to let me put an addition on the back of my townhouse? I could use a couple of hundred more square feet on my crib.

  3. Convict is right...what change happens after electing ANY of the candidates to the RA board? Will RA cap its fees? Likely not. Can we remodel our residences without offending our RA or homeowners' covenants. No one speaks to that. Can we defang the DRB and expunge its worst practices and habits? Ha ha, you are a funny guy! Which candidate will go to the mat for Restonians against the go along, get along attitude of the majority of the board and its spending? RA remains utterly toothless to counteract the worst practices of the county BoS, To this we add robo-calls? Puh-leze!

  4. Why are there no checks and balances over the DRB? RA claims it is independent in order to assure the petitioning peons are safe from political influence. So whatever the masters of all "good taste" decide is law. >gag<
    Was there even a leash correction for the one DRB architect who was hired to get the rebuild pushed through?

  5. Eddie from North PointMarch 12, 2014 at 2:39 PM

    I agree with these comments regarding the Robo calls. It is a total turn off, and reason not vote for this guy. What is even more egregiuos, is that this guy is using a 202 area code for the calls. At least, if you are going to annoy us, use a local exchange!

  6. I know Jeff - he blew it with the Robocalls, but, he's a good guy. I've seen banner ads for other candidates, gotten flyers and mailings in my mailbox... That RA Board gig must be really sweet.

    1. Is It Really Worth It?March 14, 2014 at 12:16 PM

      It is a terrific gig for those who wish to serve the community, but also is a dead-on attraction for those who pass themselves off as "volunteers" and "community minded" but are in reality junior politicians-in-training or resume polishers. Look to see how the candidates finance their robo-call and banner ad campaigns for suggestions as to who they represent or how they think.

  7. RA Board members must get some fringe benefits we ordinary citizens are not aware of…. How else would a campaign committee and robot-calls be cost-effective? Is there an ROI for RA board membership? Should RA campaigns be subject to spending disclosures?

    Should the Reston Association create an independent Audit committee? An Audit committee could subject Board members to an annual legally certified questionnaire regarding freebies and monetary contributions they receive. Let's face it, with the Metro arrival there are going to be more dollars at stake than just free golf and meals at Hidden Creek Country Club.

    Red Throated Hickory Loon


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