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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Boccepocalypse Later: Proposal to Eliminate Obscure Italian Sport Averted

BocceFans of obscure Italian pastimes can breathe a sigh of relief. After an earlier proposal to build a sweet bollard bowling alley bocce court at the Cabots Point Recreation Area near South Lakes Drive was nearly killed by the Reston Association due to -- wait for it -- complaints from nearby neighbors, the RA Board has taken the request to take bocce off the table off the table. Wait, what?

The Reston Association Board of Directors decided on Thursday to keep the plan for adding a bocce court at Cabots Point, despite resident pressure to reconsider.

The board voted in December to authorize construction of the lawn bowling court at the area off of South Lakes Drive. The $2,500 cost would be paid for by Friends of Reston, said South Lakes Director Richard Chew, who proposed the amenity.
The design plan was approved by RA’s Design Review Board in June and $1,700 has already been donated to the project, RA documents show.

But the board has recently heard from several Cabots Point residents who were concerned that the new recreational amenity would bring unwanted traffic and noise to the neighborhood off South Lakes Drive.

That led to RA CEO Cate Fulkerson’s proposal to take the plan off the table and come up with an alternate plan that may or may not include bocce for Cabots Point. That proposal was on Thursday night’s RA meeting agenda, but was voted to be thrown out.
Our BFFs at Reston Now point out that nearby residents objected because they weren't notified about the project and because of traffic and parking concerns. Of course we're talking about a court that's no more than 14 feet wide and 91 feet long, assuming the RA, itself a stickler for obscure regulations, follows the official dimensions for a bocce court whilst building its own field sandy pit of dreams. And we're not sure that bocce, despite its international appeal, would lead to overflowing parking lots. It's not a dog park or roller derby, after all.

However, we'd encourage the RA to Think Big. After earlier attempts to build sweet indoor tennis/swimming facilities have hit a spot of bother, here's the chance to create a massive and unnecessary recreation edifice that everyone can agree on! Even if everyone agrees it's totally unnecessary. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you...


Juicery optional.

You're welcome.


  1. Is this related to the Mad Max reboot, does that mean Restonians will be driving over each other to obtain Bocce balls? Maybe that's the traffic neighbors are fearing. Everyone knows that wild Bocce gangs will xxxx to xxxx. and tear up the shrubs.

  2. And to think.. I've been playing "Raffa" and not "Bocce" the whole time? Of course, I never had a regulation-grade 91-foot court on which to play via rolling the ball ..having visited the Cabot's Point area in the past, I wonder how a big a court can be supported. Sure, the playground is off to the side, but kids run freely in that small green space, and a territory dispute with bocce ball-wielding elderly is sure to come. Ideally, RA aligns the bocce courts parallel to the tree line near South Lakes Drive to let the courts frame in the space nearer to the playset where kids should run amok. After all, I doubt that adults playing Bocce would impetuously dart into the street, and the walls of the Bocce court negate the risk of a ball doing the same ..again, this isn't Raffa with the madness of its flying projectiles. Any attempts to play Raffa on these courts will be met with RA earth-toned and unforgiving retribution.

    Most importantly, they need those little RA pool/tennis/bocce/no-raffa card holders for prominently displaying our expensive plastic talismans during play, to ensure that no Town Center, Vienna, Oakton, Herndon, or any other non-RA riff raff attempt to play Bocce on our courts.

  3. I used to hang out with some dudes who were into Bocce back in the day. Can you say bad a%$ mother truckers, I thought you could! You can always tell if a guys into Bocce by the size of his balls.

  4. Bocce is a game? I thought Bocce was the 'vaporator language, and the ability to speak it was the reason Owen Lars bought C3PO and R2D2, which ultimately cost him his life and that of his wife Beru.

  5. No parking spaces for blocks. Maybe Silver Line could put a spur to that destination. At least a kiss and bowl stop.


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