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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

At Lake Anne, a Sobering Momento Mori

Before I Die
This cheerful piece of what the kids would call "participatory art," presumably left over from a jazz festival this weekend, was spotted on the shores of Lake Anne on Monday. We're not sure if it's a subtle reminder of the need for a memorial garden, or perhaps the Plaza itself recognizing its own (retail) mortality (sadly, no one wrote "maintain a viable pharmacy or cupcakery"). But either way, as the summer fades into fall, school starts back up again, and we all return to our seemingly endless routines of day-to-day drudgery, it's one heck of a downer a reminder to gather ye appropriately colored rosebuds -- let's call them mauvebuds -- while ye may. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Walking by earlier today, two of the bucket list wishes were "Be Robocop" and "Have Sex With Twins." Keep it classy, Reston...

    1. They could be classy twins... ;)


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