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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

At Lake Anne, a Sobering Momento Mori

Before I Die
This cheerful piece of what the kids would call "participatory art," presumably left over from a jazz festival this weekend, was spotted on the shores of Lake Anne on Monday. We're not sure if it's a subtle reminder of the need for a memorial garden, or perhaps the Plaza itself recognizing its own (retail) mortality (sadly, no one wrote "maintain a viable pharmacy or cupcakery"). But either way, as the summer fades into fall, school starts back up again, and we all return to our seemingly endless routines of day-to-day drudgery, it's one heck of a downer a reminder to gather ye appropriately colored rosebuds -- let's call them mauvebuds -- while ye may. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Someone commenting at RestonNow used a rather amusing phrase to describe the cause/consequence of the Lake Anne Plaza decay:

    The Loitering Vibrant!!!

    I think Reston has new mascot! :)

  2. Walking by earlier today, two of the bucket list wishes were "Be Robocop" and "Have Sex With Twins." Keep it classy, Reston...

    1. They could be classy twins... ;)


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