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Friday, August 21, 2009

OMG! Become the RA's Facebook BFF!

So after its experiments with the "web logs" and "the Twitters" and the "You-Tubes," the Reston Association has boldly gone where no homeowners association has gone before -- to Facebook. You can totally "become a fan" of our favorite earth-toned community. They have nice pictures and whatnot, and occasionally make "interesting" requests:


"Tasteful" and "appropriate"? Just what happened at this little monster truck rally, anyway?

While Restonian has no fans, you can totally "friend" this humble "web log" as well. Becoming our awesome Facebook BFFs will publish our exciting updates to your news feed (the place where you see your friends' status updates and the breathtaking results of their "What Kind of Pizza Topping Would You Be?" quizzes). We also have a rad Facebook group, where you can talk amongst yourself.

Or you could go outside and get some fresh air. For a change. Totally your call.


  1. everybody's going 2.0

  2. I won't be impressed until there's a /reston on 4chan.

  3. I think RA should put their considerable resources and creativity into having the DMV offer a "Reston" license plate. (Seriously, have you seen some of the options that have been approved? Why not?) Just think of the fun filthy webloggers can have once we have a proper framework for our irksomeness!

  4. You can get a Reston license plate. Have been able to for years. Get off the computer and get your head out of your ass

  5. Re. the license plate, you can order one here:

    Doesn't say when you'll get it.

  6. To the completely rude person 4:29 on August 23, if you search the DMV site it doesn't show a Reston plate. That means they don't have one yet. As for why people don't know there is one...potentially...well, the idea was floated in 2007 and they still don't have the required 350 people yet. There's no need to be a jerk.


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