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Friday, June 19, 2009

RA and Twitter: Like Peas and Carrots... Mauve Carrots


Okay, so here's the Reston Association, better known to the Tweetstas as "RA1930," contributing to the public discourse on the Twitters. For God's sake, someone please make them stop before someone gets hurt.


  1. while Reston is the fourteenth largest "community" in Virginia,...

    ...our state and local politicians--our so-called leaders--do not believe Reston is fit to govern itself as a town.

  2. Anonymous 10:51, sadly, you missed the point that RA when twittering left out the verb "is". Why? Well, do you remember certain embarrassing hearings in Congress when a certain Chief Executive demanded the meaning of the word "is"? Perhaps RA is trying to achieve a similar maximum deniability, but without the foreplay.

  3. Unfortunately there are so many NIMBYs in Reston that it needs an objective third party to remain the attractive community it is now.


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