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Thursday, August 20, 2009

On the YouTubes: The Best 4 Minutes and 59 Seconds You'll Spend Online Today

Why waste your workday watching videos of hilarious animals when you could instead waste your workday watching videos of the latest news from our favorite planned community? We have no idea how long the Reston Association has been posting these news updates to the "You Tubes," but they're gold. Narrated with the dulcet tones of "Reston resident" Andy Sigle and set to (very) lite jazz music, you're guaranteed not to see red as the video describes in soothing monotones such non-controversial projects as the RA headquarters and indoor recreation center.

And if that wasn't enough, at the end there's a home tip, where a RA covenants specialist goes to some poor sap's home to explain "party walls and what they mean to you." Think MTV's Cribs, only with the looming threat of a DRB citation. The short version: If you live in one of those fancy "town homes" with a shared wall and there's a problem, you better be on speaking terms with your neighbor or things will get ugly.

An earlier "video" of RA's August news only got 78 views, so clicky clicky.


  1. Andy Sigle is a "telecommunications executive" who lives on Soapstone. So is RA paying him some of our hard earned assessment money to make these ultra lame videos for the you tubes.

    The 45 second of Sara telling us not to bother her with party wall disputes is just so pathetic.

    The whole "happy talk' "70's" meme couldn't be more condescending. I guess the communications geniuses in RA's public relations empire think we all dropped out of elementary school instead of having more graduate degrees than any other community of 65,000 people in the nation. And we pay these dopes!

    Richard Chew, have you no self respect? ;-)

  2. Andy Sigle volunteers his time.

  3. Wow. Just wow.

    That was really creepy.

  4. they need a PR makeover for sure... (or don't do it at all)

  5. I think that the idea of party walls needs to be abolished....Reston has the power to change the deed...they's ridiculous to say that someone should be responsible for what happens on a neighbor's side of a wall...that may have worked in the 1970s hippie plan for Reston, but those days are OVER.

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  7. Why were all the backgrounds at Lake Anne? They should have gotten some awesome shots in front of the Starbucks at Lake Newport shopping center, Targetville, and the Macaroni Grill instead.

  8. Anon 9:16

    Party walls have existed for 2,000 years and the law has basically been the same for 500-1000 years.

    No matter what RA does, the issues will continue so long as there are townhouses and multi-family condominiums.

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