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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

'Does Reston Town Center Inspire You?' Then Do We Have a Contest For You!

Fresh off the heels of an uneventful store opening, the Reston Town Center is preparing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its phoenix-like ascension from a muddy series of parking lots into a 7/8 scale faux urban "downtown," much like Disney's Main Street U.S.A. but with more restrictive photography policies, with a fun contest! So break out the macrame kit and the glitter glue and read on:

Does Reston Town Center inspire you? If so, you may have a shot at a hefty gift certificate.

The development is running a contest to get a logo that celebrates its 20th anniversary. Entries must be received by Sept. 1 and the prize is a $500 gift certificate to the Center.

Your muse: something that fits the already-defined (for better or worse) theme: “Reston Town Center. Defining. Inspiring. 20 years.”
The full set of rules, worthy of the DRB, are available here. But don't bother, as our favorite correspondent, the Peasant from Less Sought After South Reston, fired up that, whadayacall it, "Photo Shoppe" program and came up with an entry we're sure's going to be the clincher:


The only thing that would make this more true to the spirit of Reston Town Center is if the Peasant's goatherder friends were wearing those fancy white Apple iPod earbuds all the cool kids love these days. In fact, we know where they could pick some up!

Does anyone else out there have their craft eyes open? If so, send us your "entry" for the contest. The "winner" as chosen by the proprietor of this "web log" won't get a gift certificate, but the admiration and undying gratitude of tens of readers. And doesn't that beat a night out at Uno's?


  1. Great idea -- working it... nothing like celbrating 20 years of a fake bethesda wannabe...

  2. This morning a woman was in Reston Regional Library with her kids when another woman approached her and stated, "The earth's resources are too valuable to be wasted on your four children."

    Ain't Reston a swell place to live? Let's celebrate.

  3. Then thank God it wasn't OctoMom and her brood of 14 slumming in the Reston library today!

  4. Oh my -- just remember that the library is next door to the mental health center. Let's not take this personally. After all, she could have been from "swingin' Herndon"

  5. Probably goes up to day care next door and blurts out "Awww. Youth is wasted on the wrong people."


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