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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Metro's Silver Line: Insult to Injury

Remember that time Metro was going to build an awesome monorail ride through the wonders of Tysons Tegucigalpa, allowing riders to squint through the smoke from the track fires to get a glimpse of such architectural wonders as the Bed Bath N Beyond and Olive Garden? But then developers grassroots organizers in that fair community decided to spontaneously demand that a tunnel be built, all the better to maintain the area's Paris-like, pedestrian-friendly boulevards? And then they sued, leaving a Tysons car dealer as the person who made the most sense as other Tysons developers jumped ship out of embarrassment? Yeah, that was awesome.

Well, now that awesome lawsuit, which would have stopped Metro construction until a tunnel could be constructed out of millions of tiny, gilded mosaics that depicted the ghostly face of Crystal Koons, has been withdrawn, but not because of some touching, sitcom-like change of heart that happens precisely 24 minutes into the show. Instead, tunnel backers think the whole project is dead as a doornail. president Scott Monett says the lawsuit is no longer necessary now that the government appears to be on the verge of denying federal funding for the project.
Funny, the last time we checked in, things were going just hunky dory. Do they know something we don't?

On the bright side, that leaves us with just one nuisance lawsuit to worry about.

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  1. Why was it Crystal's face, and not Gardner Britt's???


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