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Sunday, March 23, 2008

At Tall Oaks, Hope No Longer Blooms Eternal, But a Grocery Store Still Returns from the Dead (OMG a very special Easter Restonian World Exclusive!)

It's only appropriate that on Easter, we discovered that the awesome empty Giant at the Tall Oaks Shopping Center Stucco Wasteland will soon be (ahem!) resurrected as another grocery store. Only it's not one of Food Lion's bleach-and-NASCAR-free Bloom alternatives. Instead, according to two festive multilingual signs in the windows, an "international" grocery by the name of El Grande Supermercado will soon take its place.

Thanks to our extensive language skills, we can ascertain that the store's name translates to "The Big Supermarket." There's apparently another iteration of the chain within spitting distance of the Mixing Bowl in Springfield and another on Gallows Road somewhere near Falls Church. They don't have a Web site, but fortunately, we can always count on the intelligent, well-travelled users of the Internets to give us the lowdown, in the form of the picture above and the thoughtful, in-depth review below:

Wtf. There's an "El Grande Supermercado" (which translates to "The Big Supermarket") in Springfield, West Virginia (the city we're staying in). Ha!! …okay fine…I thought it was funny.

-10: 35 pm

Omg! My mom just ate a peanut butter M&M. If you know my mom well enough, you'd pretty much know that she never eats anything "unfamiliar" LOL.
OMG! LOL! ROTFL! We totally feel like we've already been there now.

(Shout-out to an anonymous commenter for the tip.)

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  1. Did anyone else notice that the commenter referred to Springfield as being in West Virginia?

    It's somehow appropriate.


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