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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Caddyshack 2: Why Does the RA Hate Gophers?

Ah, Reston's gardening plots. Perhaps the finest example of the planned community's communal, Earth-friendly spirit. Except maybe for the pesticides and the gopher assassinations.

Of the four garden locations, the site at Lake Anne is the only one that is not completely organic, Greenberg said. Gardeners at all other plots are forbidden from using any pesticides or fertilizers containing chemicals.
First, we learned that the RA is condoning the napalming of tree stands, now this? Which makes us wonder: What kind of hell-spawn pests are menacing the good people of Reston's beloved tomatoes and carrots and whatnot?
She said sometimes moles, groundhogs and other animals get into the plots, so RA has been looking at adding a nesting area for red-shouldered hawks.
We have a simpler and more effective suggestion:

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