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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Clap even louder!

Looks like we spoke too soon yesterday. As construction was slated to begin on Metro's awesome combustible Silver Line, the Under-not-Over crowd is suing the feds to stop the project, arguing that they didn't give enough consideration to the tunnel option.

The hugely grassroots Tysons Tunnel movement -- that coincidentally was bankrolled by Tysons developers -- was coincidentally joined in the suit by the Ratner Cos., a --you guessed it! -- Tysons developer.

The 30-page complaint asks the court to "enjoin the defendants from taking final actions, granting any final approvals, or acting on any application for the project to enter Final Design or for Full Funding Grant Agreement or awarding or allocating any federal funds." Such an injunction would further delay the rail project, further jeopardizing its chances for federal dollars.

"They've had an entire year, we've asked our political leaders to intervene, and so far the political process has failed us," said Monett, who added that he believes there is enough public support for Dulles rail that it can survive further delay.
Sure it will! For the record, the idea of building elevated rails through a quasi-urban area strikes us as a bit batty and we'd love to see the Silver Line underground. But we'd also like to see the Silver Line built before we're confined to battery-powered Rascals that couldn't negotiate Metro's escalators, on the off day that they're actually running. With the inevitable delays the lawsuit will bring, we're officially moving the over/under on the Silver Line's completion to 2037. If anyone wants to wager on that, our grandkids would be happy to collect.

The grassroots groupdeveloper is arguing the above-ground tracks will harm it financially. Because, you know, they'd be an eyesore, spoiling the pristine view of the current soul-sucking blight of architecturally questionable midrise buildings, Bed Baths 'N Beyonds, and never-ending gridlock.

Come to think of it, could we just put Tysons in a tunnel and keep the tracks above ground?

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