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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Metro's Silver Line: You like it! You really like it!

People really, really love the idea of Metro's awesome planned Silver Line, according to a survey commissioned by project backers. But here's the funny part:

Respondents claiming familiarity with the project were also, on average, familiar with some of the more controversial issues regarding the project — competitive bidding process and tunnel or elevated track through Tysons Corner — but not to the point they could explain it to others.
This huge, divisive issue was reportedly one of the reasons the Feds were leery to green-light the project. Guess the "Under, not Over" crowd, funded by big developers in the Tysons area, didn't actually represent a huge public groundswell of support -- they just represented the narrow interests of the aforementioned developers. Who'd have thunk it?

Meanwhile, construction on the Silver Line may well start soon, even in the absence of minor logistical details, like funding.
Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project has announced they will begin initial construction in a few weeks, despite the fact that $900 million in crucial federal still hasn’t come through.
Keep clapping!
One of the important steps is utility relocation in Tysons Corner. Gas lines, electricity, water and more must be removed from underneath Route 7. Most of the work will occur in the service roads, which will eventually be shut down and have a sidewalk put in their place. The work starts at the intersection of 7 and 123, and will head west, and then turn around.
That'll teach those developers to kvetch about a few minor concrete pylons and train stations! Personally, we can't wait until we can go for a leisurely evening stroll down those awesome new sidewalks, taking in the crisp, refreshing aroma of greenhouse gases from the perpetually gridlocked Rt. 7 and the smoke from track fires on the elevated Silver Line as we make our way from the Olive Garden to the Bed Bath & Beyond.

Allegedly, we'll know whether that $900 million will be earmarked for the Silver Line by year's end, or if it'll go to some other equally worthy project.

Clap louder, kids! Clap louder!

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