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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Clap louder!

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is "optimistic" that Metro's Silver Line will actually happen, extending to Reston, Dulles Airport... and beyond!

After the feds rejected the original plan for being too expensive, or maybe for not including enough blinking lights at the station curbs or latte-detecting dogs to prosecute people who bring food on trains or something, officials cut $300 million from the project and resubmitted it about a month and a half ago. Now they're waiting for a sign:

"We have reason to think we will hear some sign, either, 'Hey, you met [the cost-effective standard]' or, 'You still have some more work to do,' sometime soon. But we feel very good about our submission right now," Kaine says.
Awesome! Let's put on this song while we wait.

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