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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Spirals or Trapezoids? HQ2 vs. Google Fu, or The Internet Giants and the Communities Who Love Them


The architecture world is abuzz, sorta, about the new building Amazon just dropped for its planned HQ2 site in Crystal Pepsi City, which, you know, kinda fits in with the neighborhood's allegedly hip mole people and some equally groundbreaking architecture that goes way back. 

Meanwhile, our plastic fantastic planned community has had to settle for Google, which has, shall we say, a slightly different perspective on architecture, if by "architecture" you mean parallelograms isosceles trapezoids standing starkly against a CGI sky:


But HQ2 has all those trees and greenery going up that SimCity-like spiral... thingy?  you might say, and we're all acute angles and antiseptic glass even though we're the biophilic community, not Crystal City. First, get your mind out of the gutter with that biophilia talk before someone washes your mouth out with soap! Second, you want trees with your dehumanized architecture? Never fear, we've got you covered:

Someone "70 foot tall watering can," the end.

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  1. That spiral is a giant screw going up Amazon's employees.


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