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Friday, February 12, 2021

More Brands Than a Texas Stockyard: Fancypants Reston Station Hotel to Get Fancier As We Take A No-Woonerf Stroll Down Rebranded Reston Row

It seems like just yesterday we were excited about the prospect of tying on a few too many Farmers Smashes at Reston Station and walking across the street to sleep it off at a fancypants Renaissance Hotel. Well, we just weren't thinking big enough, because it has been announced that the Renaissance brand might as well be a sketchy Motel 6. We're Reston, baby, and we're getting the best of the best!  Give us some blockquote worthy of a $14 minibar soda, BFFs at the Washington Business Journal:

Comstock Holdings Co. has altered plans for the luxury hotel coming to Reston Station as it seeks to forge ahead with the next phase of the 60-plus-acre mixed-use development.

The developer will bring a JW Marriott hotel there, it said Thursday. CRS Hotel LC, a Comstock affiliate, has signed a franchise agreement with Bethesda's Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) to swap a 250-room JW Marriott in for the previously proposed Renaissance Reston Station, Comstock said. The $250 million project will also feature 90 luxury residences, 10 more than the previous iteration, and is slated to deliver in 2024, two years later than originally planned. The hotel will be managed by Crescent Hotels and Resorts Management Co. of Fairfax.

Reston Station has evolved in design and scale since it was initially conceived and that the development team, in the context of that evolution, felt the JW Marriott brand was a better fit for the quality of the project, its planned condominium units, and the market moving forward.

Translation: No woonerf = an additional half-star for your friendly neighborhood hotel. It's also the first JW Marriott in Virginia, so you know, suck it, Tysons, with your demonstrably weaker Marriott brand.

Also! This exciting new hotel brand means that Reston Station is changing its exciting mixed-used development brand, since the old brand for this block, Promenade, suggests the presence of woonerf that is no longer there:

Comstock also unveiled a new brand, Reston Row District at Reston Station, as the designation for one of several neighborhoods or areas within the larger mixed-use development. The developer previously revealed other district sections, including Commerce Metro Center, Metro Plaza, and Comstock, so named because it will include space for the developer's own headquarters. 
We can't wait for this exciting high-end brand-atop-a-brand experience. But you better start saving that pocket change! At the JW Marriott downtown, room rates start at just under $300 (though you can get a bargain during this time of COVID). But honestly, it looks like the view there leaves a little to be desired:

Why would you want to look out the window at that, when you could look at this?

Let's hope those rooms come with blackout curtains.

In a RESTONIAN WORLD EXCLUSIVE, we've managed to get some exciting promotional footage of our new hotel: 


We could totally see James Brolin at the next DRB meeting, the end.


  1. The sad part is that JW Marriott patrons will not be able to experience the wonders of McTacoHut!

  2. Capt. Tom Obvious (USAF-Ret.)February 12, 2021 at 12:32 PM

    Can't wait to book a room on a high floor and peer down into that Texas Donut across the street.

  3. I hate the developers. Sure, let's go some place we've never been and mess it all up. Of course, put a tree on the roof of one building just to make a condo for oil CEOs look eco-friendly.

  4. The Desolation of SmogFebruary 14, 2021 at 5:54 PM

    As bad as it is now, traffic at the Wiehle/Sunset Hills intersection is going to be a true nightmare once all that new development goes in. But God bless our exciting Transit Oriented Development future!


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